Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Mcallister Auditorium

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The San Antonio College Guitar Studio Recital took place October 20, 2014. I first arrived at the McAllister Auditorium (1300 San Pedro Ave. S.A. TX 78212) at 7 PM. It was my first time in the colleges Auditorium, but not my first time experiencing a musical performance. I have attended several times the theatre to listen to the orchestra from my hometown. It is a marvelous experience. At the entrance I could appreciate an organ, which has had an important history in classical music, especially in catholic music. A famous composer that was an organ player was Johan Sebastian Bach from the Baroque Period. The Auditorium itself had several levels, but we used the first one. The event featured students from the SAC guitar studio.
The Recital started at 7:30 pm with a brief introduction by the directors Tom Sprayberry and Matt O’Neill. They explained that this was the first recital by the aspiring music majors of the college. They performed about thirteen different pieces from different periods in history, ranging from the Baroque period up to the 20th century. The event was a recital since several soloists performed the program. The performing group members were: Isaac Martinez, Osbaldo Garza, Christian Dunham, Tyler
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It was a good first performance taking into account that it was the first recital and the performers were presenting solo. There were pieces that seemed outstanding in that they were much more harder and a few were executed almost perfectly. Most of the performers had a few errors in their interpretations, which could have been avoided with extra practice. I would enjoy attending to the next recital to see their progress throughout the semester. I admire the fact that even though some of the performers faced hardships and played “wrong” notes, they immediately continue the piece and didn’t stop playing. I would have liked to listen to a last song in where all the performers played

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