My Reflection On The Fresno State Concert

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015 I attended the Fresno State Jazztet, Jazz Ensemble, and Jazz Orchestra concert at eight in the evening in the Fresno State concert hall. The following will cover a review of the program as well as my point of view and reflection. I was expecting to see Christmas decorations or instruments decorated since it states on the bulletin “winter Jazz concert” but I was wrong once I saw the pamphlet. The reasons why I thought that was because the last time I attended a winter music concert a while ago I’ve seen those things. I was really nervous once I got into the building where the concert was going to take place. I didn’t know where to purchase the tickets so I asked a random person that helped me go in the right direction. There was a pretty long line …show more content…
It was easy to identify the individual instruments or the vocal sounds by them standing up and perform their part. This selection would be something I would like to hear again because it was a beautiful experience and I got out something from it I have never experienced before in my life. Although I was expecting something different about the decorations, my reaction towards the concert was a wonderful experience. Another interesting part that was new to me that there was one or two instruments that I’ve never seen in my life. I’m assuming that one of the instruments that I’ve never seen before belonged to the saxophone family. It looked like it was a mixture of a clarinet and a saxophone. I really liked the sound of the trumpets which was surprising to me because hearing the trumpet perform was not my cup of tea, and after hearing them at this concert it change my view towards trumpets. There was interesting information with regards to the written program, although I would have liked to see an approximate time of when each song or music was going to be performed. But other than that it was straight forward, simple, and easy to

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