The Symphonic Wind Ensemble Concert

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The classical music concert that I had decided to attend and observe was The Symphonic Wind Ensemble Concert, which took place Thursday, November 12, 2015, at 8:00 PM in the Enlow Concert Hall on the East Campus at Kean University.
The first composition performed was entitled “Mannin Veen” by Haydn Wood; which I found to be quite similar to the second concerto performed, the “Valse Triste” by Johan Julius Christian “Jean” Sibelius; and arranged by M.L. Lake. Both consisted of a constant tempo with a slow sound and a soft beat at the beginning, which gradually got faster and louder towards the end.
The third sonata was the “Symphonic Dance No. 3: "Fiesta"” by James Clifton Williams, Jr. which was quite the fête; as its intricate assortments
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Intermezzo” was my all-time favorite of all the selections. It started out with a slow, yet quite sound, a soft, smooth beat, and a constant tempo; which gradually crescendo towards the end. This featured selection was quite impressive with its heroic sound and big finish that seemed to undoubtedly blow the crowd away in astonishment.
The “Second Symphony for Band, Movement III. Finale” was filled with wonderment and amazement; as its constant tempo started out quite and relaxing, then quickly crescendos. At its peak, it suddenly slows down and becomes quite, only to lead up to a crescendo; this rollercoaster of fluctuating, musical sounds, then repeats again, where it slows down, only to intensify. It ends with a spectacular crescendo into excitement; which is louder than ever, and leaves the performers with a standing ovation, as the audience cheers for an
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The dynamics of each piece were well played out as the music literally jumped off the pages and was brought to life, right before your eyes. The performance was vibrant and lively. The tightness of the rhythm section was very impressive. The balance and mix of the instruments really blended well together and collided with one another to create something spectacular. You could feel the audience’s excitement build as each committed individual delivered a performance which was truly explored. The music and the performances were extremely enjoyable, as I felt overwhelmed and intrigued at what I was hearing. It made me think about my time and experiences in my high school band and choir; as well as my recent time and experience in Essex County College’s Choir with Mr. Alston, and the performances I had to give on stage. There is something about the stage that I really enjoy; the sudden thrill, a sense of accomplishment, as well as the sudden fright of just coming out onto the stage with people waiting and staring in awe. The audience really seemed to enjoy each and every performance given at the Symphonic Wind Ensemble Concert at Kean

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