Russian Nutcracker Analysis

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On December 6th, I saw the Moscow Ballet 's Great Russian Nutcracker at the Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo, MI. The Moscow Ballet was on their 2016 National Tour. The choreographer Stanislav Vlasov, former soloist with the Bolshoi Ballet. Stanislav Vlasov reimagined the ballet and showcased his own view of the Great Russian Nutcracker. It was practically special because Western Michigan University symphony orchestra had the opportunity to play along side of the dancers.
Throughout the ballet, I loved the dancers emotions and how there was not always movement going on. There could be a stillness on the stage but your attention was still caught because there was a reason for it, to develop the story line. As an audience member I really enjoyed
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The backdrops and the props that were used throughout the performance helped create the idea of what was happening. Whether it was Masha 's bed or her Nutcracker or the backdrops gave us an idea of where each scene was set. With each scene their was a different lighting setting based on the certain emotion the character was feeling. The Mice scene was very easy for the audience to understand, Masha has a bad dream that mice and the Rat King battle where she is on her bed as the Mice run around her. The choreographer and the orchestra and the lighting design was very effective to the story line.
All dance is centered around ballet, ballet is the foundation of dance. The Nutcracker had a relationship to modern dance, is some aspects. There were a lot of tendus and plies used to transition to the next movement. Though ballet is very placed, and modern has more freedom to move and express yourself. A lot of the movement is similar, the explosive jumps and reaching out to your biggest Kinosphere. The performance, made me not have such a set thought about Ballet, though everything is placed, you can be very expressive in your

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