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  • Hot Spinach Research Paper

    martini is prepared using dry white vermouth and gin, although in the recent times, the raspberry martini with vodka has gained huge success. Making the Standard Raspberry Martini with Vodka Standard martini made using raspberry and an addition of vodka is five parts vodka or gin and one part good quality vermouth. Most bartenders follow this standard model for preparing raspberry martinis along with vodka. All the ingredients used for the recipe are stirred or shaken with ice and then strained and served without ice. The best thing about martinis is that they are served in chilled martini glasses with olive being used as a garnish. There are martini purists who are quite upset about the fact that vodka is the liquor which is served along with martini. These purists are of the view that such type of martini should be called vodka martini. Quantity of vermouth that needs to be added to the martini is also a debatable subject. It is generally seen that the lesser amount of vermouth being used in a martini, the drier is the texture of the martini. Nowadays, coating ice cubes in vermouth while leaving off excess vermouth is the standard procedure followed. There are even bars that make use of vermouth spritzers for coating ice cubes. Stirred or Shaken Martini? Martini drinkers are of the view that since vermouth mixes very uniformly and easily with the solvent that is vodka or gin, it is always wise to mix a martini is a glass used for stirring. However, there are even people…

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  • My Trip Vs. 21-Personal Narrative

    stand the thought of drinking alcohol. I originally had plans to go to Las Vegas with my girlfriends and my boyfriend this year, but plans quickly changed to a trip to a zoo instead. Forever Not 21 Every year I like to plan my celebration at least a minimum of two months before my actual birthday. I like to know what the plans, how much money needs to be saved, and if a hotel needs to be reserved if it’s out of town. The year I turned 21 I celebrated, as many other newly legal drinkers…

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  • How To Write A Dance Critique

    but then I thought to myself, why would I pay money to go see other people get dancing instructions? So, I was definitely intrigued even before I saw the play. I had never heard of this play before which I don’t really like, but I read a quick summary on what the main details were and it made a lot of sense. The day I went to see to the show, the theatre was packed. It happened to be the last showing of it, so every seat in the theatre was taken. As I entered the theatre, I love how the stage…

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  • Vodka In Russia Essay

    In Russia most men have been drinking vodka causing them to die at an early age, between 50 - 55 years old. Vodka is low cost, making it accessible for everyone. This leads to the decreased population of men at the age 50-59, making gender imbalance between two genders (Population Pyramids of the World from 1950 to 2100). To solve this problem, Russia has been trying to improve their health facilities. In addition to making the population of men stable, although doctors are not satisfied due to…

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  • Skyy Vodka Advertising Analysis

    Skyy Vodka Advertising the patriarchal way An advertisement like the Skyy Vodka ad is eye-catching for many reasons. For starters, it is not just trying to sell alcohol. Although most would just look at this ad as a creative way to sell a product, someone with additional knowledge of the way society views sexuality would realize the patriarchy in the advertisement in addition to how well they sell sex using a male and female in the ad—of course also using a female with beauty nearly beyond…

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  • Effen Vodka Semiotic Analysis

    In 2010, Beam Global Sprits and Wine launched an advertising campaign aptly titled “Provocatively Premium” to launch their recently acquired brand Effen Vodka. Being launched in 2003, the brand was relatively young. The campaign had to be align with the bold and risky character of the brand. The campaign was designed and executed by the advertising agency Euro RSCG, Chicago, USA. I will use Semiotic analysis theory which finds it’s first mentions in a the book Course on General Linguistics by…

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  • Absolut Vodka Case Study

    The Absolut Vodka was leading the same advertising campaign for over 20 years, and created over 1500 adverts. Recently they have changed general perceiving their brand. In the past the main role in adverts determined the bottle. The bottle was signifying purity and simplicity. The bottle was uncomplicated and it was based on old Swedish medicine bottle. It indicates the uniqueness of the product. Furthermore, the name of the brand can also be exceptional. The last letter ‘e’ has been removed…

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  • Flot Vodka Case Study

    FLOTT Vodka offers several opportunities for BCN Spirits to expand into foreign markets. However when considering launching a product in a foreign market there are several different marketing tools and aspects that must be utilized and evaluated in order to understand if a specific market is a viable choice for a company. Specifically looking into the United States, which currently has a saturated vodka market, there are even more factors that must be considering when deciding how BCN Spirits…

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  • Skyy Vodka Advertisement Analysis

    When walking down the streets we usually will not remember the face of other people who walk pass us, since they are all ordinary people who have nothing special for us create a memory for them. However, when a beautiful/handsome looking woman/man, wearing a fashionable dresses and walking towards us, we might slowing our steps and pay more attentions to those special individuals; we might even talk to our friends about what we saw afterward. Advertisement is the type of person whose creators…

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  • Gender Stereotypes Of Skyy Vodka Gender Ad

    231). This subtle stereotyping found in a popular Skyy Vodka ad helps show the main message more in depth, while also communicating why the stereotype leads people to whatever it leads them too. Functional ranking, one instance of subtle stereotyping in gender ads, is the tendency to depict men in executive roles and as more functional when collaborating with women (“Jones,” pg. 231). The functional ranking found in this ad, helps make up the stereotype. In this ad functional ranking is clearly…

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