Semiotic Analysis Of The Beam Global Sprits And Wine

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In 2010, Beam Global Sprits and Wine launched an advertising campaign aptly titled “Provocatively Premium” to launch their recently acquired brand Effen Vodka. Being launched in 2003, the brand was relatively young. The campaign had to be align with the bold and risky character of the brand. The campaign was designed and executed by the advertising agency Euro RSCG, Chicago, USA. I will use Semiotic analysis theory which finds it’s first mentions in a the book Course on General Linguistics by Ferdinand de Saussure (1916) to analyze the key signs in the chosen campaign to decode and communicate their associations with being premium, seductive and affluent.

Semiotics is the study of signs, symbols and their interpretations. As described by Umberto
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Dr Laura R Oswald (2015) says, “Brands are sign systems that form the identity of specific products or services and distinguish them from other brands in a product category. Consumers in turn use brand meanings to complete their worlds, fulfill their fantasies, and bond with community and culture. Furthermore, the meanings consumers associate with the brand name, logo, and other proprietary signs is fundamental to brand equity, not just a value-added. Brands draw higher prices, higher profit margins, and stronger customer loyalty than generic products because they appeal to the unsatisfied emotional needs of consumers.” Drawing from what Dr Oswald said, semiotics or the science of signs is used extensively in brand communications to evoke certain emotions in the minds of their consumers and create a bond between them and the brand through meaningful associations. “Using semiotics to decode advertising, as well as in the creation of advertising is very interesting. For the advertiser semiotics works by helping them put in subtle cues that attract the target audience towards the brand, product or the service. For the audience, awareness about semiotics and its use in advertising is helpful for them to decode the hidden meanings behind an ad which would be hidden persuaders for them to purchase the product and therefore be less amenable to the idea of purchasing the product” (Minral 2011). Various symbols are used throughout advertisements to like clothes, furniture, expressions, etc, to convey a message and appeal to the target

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