Absolut Vodka Case Study

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The Absolut Vodka was leading the same advertising campaign for over 20 years, and created over 1500 adverts. Recently they have changed general perceiving their brand. In the past the main role in adverts determined the bottle. The bottle was signifying purity and simplicity. The bottle was uncomplicated and it was based on old Swedish medicine bottle. It indicates the uniqueness of the product. Furthermore, the name of the brand can also be exceptional. The last letter ‘e’ has been removed from the Absolut as the ‘absolute’ word was a common adjective and could not be trademark.

The history of branding this product is one of the most inspiring stories in this industry. After releasing the first adverts, exporting of Absolut Vodka increased
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Absolut Perfection was created in 1980 and was the first advert that campaign released.

Ferdinand de Saussure was Swiss linguist and semiotician. He believed that the language is the structure that enables us to give the world meaning. The theory of signifier and signified by Saussure operate in contemporary adverts. That also works for the Absolut Vodka campaign. Gill Branston and Roy Stafford (1996) claim that ‘Saussure argued that sign consists of a physical signifier (gesture, words on the page, music) and an immaterial signified (the idea associated with this gesture, words, etc.)’

The Figure 1 is and first advert of Absolut Vodka campaign. The signifier here is the ink on the paper, but also marks A-b-s-o-l-u-t p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n. The picture shows a bottle with the text on it with the glowing light above. Background is black, but we can see light behind the bottle. The bottle stands on the reflecting floor. At the bottom we can see white captions. This description is a signified that Saussure was talking about. So, everything has it’s own meaning. This meaning is a sign, for instance the bottle is a campaign’s USP. It’s not just a bottle; it’s the Absolut Vodka bottle. Shining light above is a halo. Black background with the light stands for a stage. The captions below means Absolut Perfection where the first is the brand name but also
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The brand was more often associated with nightlife, a good fun and youth. Drink could have been spotted in most of the nightclubs, and by then the Club 54 for instance. Finding consumers may be difficult to establish, as there is no right way to find them. Although the studies show that producing consumer profile make it easier to target specific audience. Absolut Vodka mostly try to aim society from U.S, although they expending their market into Latin and South America. The report says that target audience was mostly youth and middle age people. It could be drink at regular basis at home or during the big night out. Absolut Vodka is not only associated with nightlife but also can be drink as a nightcap or as entertainment in home by adults. Gender doesn’t matter. The recent campaign focused on women. They suggest flavored tastes mix with juices as indicator of fashionable, beautiful, young woman. Absolut Vodka belongs to the cheaper option. It isn’t the cheapest one, but it can be affordable by upper and middle class people. (Pernod Ricard 2009) Lifestyle is the key to making customer profile and using it in advertisement. Absolut Vodka not only target audience with wild lifestyle, they also create meaning of Absolut Vodka as pointer of wild, free lifestyle. It can be correlated with

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