My Best Day

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The best day ever would have to be a recent trip my boyfriend and I took for my birthday. This year I turned 23 years old and I wanted to do something different for a change. I had ongoing streak where I would go out to the club ever year for my birthday once I turned 21 years old. I wanted to party as hard as I could for at least five years straight after becoming a legal adult who is able to drink. I believe what made me base that unrealistic goal was my under aged mind because now I cannot stand the thought of drinking alcohol. I originally had plans to go to Las Vegas with my girlfriends and my boyfriend this year, but plans quickly changed to a trip to a zoo instead.
Forever Not 21 Every year I like to plan my celebration at least
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My birthday unfortunately was during the first week back to school for the fall quarter. Luckily since we just had a paper test, we did not need to go to clinical the first week. With school back in motion I was unable to take my annual trip to Las Vegas like I had planned for already. In result I just had to celebrate in Hollywood. My friends and I decided to go to Lure Night Club in West Hollywood. It was my first time going clubbing here in Los Angeles and I can say I would never go clubbing here again. I did have fun with my girls that night however the ambience was just not for me. I believe my expectations on night clubs were set high due already previously experiencing Las Vegas. But a couple months later in December that same year I went to Las Vegas again for my best friend’s 21st birthday. We spent about four nights there and that’s all it took to change my mind about drinking and going out. I then realized two nights of clubbing is my limit. Ever since then I dread going out when someone invites me to go partying. Now, I will still go out but I would want to go back in after a couple …show more content…
When we got there all the animals were fully awake and active. We started on the monkey trail and all we saw at every corner were monkeys swinging in their play cages. My favorite part was when we went to the orangutan exhibit. One of the orangutan literally rolled his way from one end of the exhibit to the other end. Earlier this year I saw on the news a baby hippopotamus was born at this zoo. Once we got to the hippopotamus corner I almost fainted from excitement. The baby hippopotamus was hopping around under water next to its mother. We also had the chance to feed giraffes for free. One of the staff members found out it was my birthday and then offered the up close and personal experience. I am happy we decided to start the day early because it was about 101 degrees that day. By the time we finished the whole zoo it was about 1400 and the sun was just starting to beat down on us. Another good reason we decided to go early was that the zoo was going to close 5 hours earlier than their normal closing time due to a private event. We only discovered that unfortunate news until we got to the park. My boyfriend and I ended up having more than enough time to go over the whole

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