The Importance Of Common Core

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In the United States, we have one of the lowest education rates in the world. We are behind countries like China and Japan. In New York State especially, we have a system called Common Core. Common Core is a system that provides clear and consistent learning goals to to help students prepare for college, career and life. In kindergarden, kids have to take tests and fill in bubbles on answer sheets and when they get to high school, they have to take Regent examinations which is a test that New York State requires students to take a certain number to graduate. They include Earth Science, Algebra and Chemistry. Now, if you don’t get an “mastery” score which is an 85, you have to retake the exam. With all this Common Core nonsense, the arts are less funded today more than …show more content…
Music is the easiest for him to keep up with the teacher. He is comfortable and happy while he sings and plays with streamers.” “Only music would cause him to turn from these things and look at people. He would not answer the call. was aloof, and only paid attention when there was music. When he was very little, he went around finding simulation-ticking, flashing lights, etc- but when I sang a scale, it got his attention, his mother recalled. Mike would sit up immediately, cock his head, and be fully interested. Even at these times, he responded to the music, rather than than the people singing or playing the music” (71). This showed that Mike thrives in music and it makes him happy. It also made him pay attention and be full interested in whatever was going on. Another kid, Ryan who is five years old has autism. For a long time, his parents couldn’t diagnose why he wasn’t talking. “Music (singing and piano) were already a significant part of Ryan’s life because it seemed to calm him. Autism did not change how she worked with him in music; it seemly caused her to increase the intensity of his musical activities. Music

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