Common Core Standards In Schools

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Imagine you are sitting in a math class and you are taking notes on logarithmic equations and every time you hear the teacher say something new a student will shout out “Will this be on the test?” Common Core Standards have been affecting students since 2001 when the No Child Left Behind Act was put in place. While some people think common core standards are a great way to keep schools on the same track, I maintain that common core standards are just a way to stress children out with over testing.
Common Core Standards are a set of standards set by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers and Department of Education to keep schools across the country on track with other schools and to prepare students
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These children are suffering from mental and physical pain than ever before. Having standards are good for children to make them want to achieve great things and push them self to be better but the standards need to be more reasonable because over testing is not the option. Susan Rakow author of The Common Core: The Good, the Bad, the Possible “We may find ourselves so standards- and test-driven that all the activities we use to develop healthy, balanced middle grades students are eliminated”. Children being able to strive in school and outside of school should be the main goal for everyone these kids are going to be the ones running this country some day and they need to be taught properly. They need to be able to express themselves and be their own person not this cookie cutter child Common Core is trying to make them. According to Neal McCluskey the associate director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom author of Common Core Treats Students Like Soulless Widgets “They learn different things at different rates, and have myriad talents and goals. Yet Common Core, by its very nature, moves all kids largely in lock-step, processing them like soulless widgets.” They need to be taught life skills that they will need after the graduate from high school such as check writing, signing in cursive, and simple adding and subtracting. All things lost or eliminated with these core …show more content…
According to Susan Rakow author of The Common Core: The Good, the Bad, the Possible “This "common" core will be beneficial for students in our increasingly mobile society”. Although it is beneficial for students who move around a lot, but there are other ways to find out what they have learned or have not learned other than making everyone just being taught how to take a test. We are in fact in the midst of a social media era however some basic life skills get lost with our oh so mobile society. In today’s reality students are getting cell phones and other Mobile devices as early as 5 years old. These standards do not teach any kind of skills that would help our students learn to unplug and be productive in society. According to Susan Rakow author of The Common Core: The Good, the Bad, the Possible “We could end up being forced to focus on low-level learning (though the Math and Reading/Language Arts standards offer plenty of opportunities for critical and creative thinking at higher levels) because it 's easier to assess. If this happens, we would be ignoring the entire 21st Century Skills perspective with its essential emphases on technology, innovation, life and career skills, critical thinking, and collaboration”. When these common core standards where put in to place the mobile society era was just taking off.

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