Why Is American Education Failing

America's standard of public education has fallen into a deep decline over the last decade. School should be better constructed to teach kids how to prepare for adult life and the real world. Many of the things taught today in school have little to no value to students after they graduate. Curriculum should involve very crucial life skills such as people skills, critical thinking, and financial management. Our Education System barely does anything to cater to those needs, which sets kids up for failure later in life.
American Education is failing due to horrific teachers, not keeping up with the rapid evolution of technology, and the continued distribution of useless material. According to thelearningcurve.pearson.com, America’s Education ranks 14th in the world in (Pearson, “World Education Rankings”). America is one of the most advanced and innovative countries in the world, yet it struggles in the department of education.
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In place of stressing out students over material that most will never use again, students should be evaluated on their strengths and weakness and then placed in classes based off those readings. Some people might say that only focusing on strengths will also hurt students by making them less well rounded which is true, but the system can still create well-rounded students by helping them with their weakness, but not dwelling on them. Education at the high school level should be tailored towards the individual's strengths, preparing them for a career path of choice. Homework is another prime example of how unproductive school is. Thespiritscience.net says, “There is no actual evidence to support that high levels of homework have

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