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  • Vladimir Propp: Defining Myth

    He suggested that the tales have a controlled temporal sequence and that each part of a myth has a certain order that they never stray from. Propp came up with thirty-one units of action, called motifemes, that he believed were constant in every traditional tale. This meant that in every story the function of characters stayed the same even if the characters themselves changed. The thirty-one functions cannot be applied to all myth but it does however allow more insight for establishing a system for understanding the study of mythology. Propp’s theory’s made it easier to distinguish between myths and other sorts of tales in different…

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  • Burger King In Russia Case Study

    when Burger King in Russia jumps on every single opportunity to be in media, without thinking what content it produces and what consequences it can face after. Facing the fact of Russian persistence and duality, we can assume it can be the reason Russian People like Donald Trump. What can be viewed as unethical and offensive in his behaviour by Americans, viewed as a strength of personality by Russians. When he was elected as the next President of the United States, Russian people were…

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  • The Red Economy And Bolsheviks During The Russian Civil War

    During the Russian Civil War (1918-1923) between the Red Army (Bolsheviks) and White Army (counter-revolutionaries), the Soviet Union experienced two vastly differing economies, both incredibly significant for the country. The earlier of the two economic policies - War Communism - was more of a purist’s communism, whereas the later reforms - the New Economic Policy - were a more socialist view on Russia’s economy, which the Bolsheviks were forced to impose due to loss of widespread public…

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  • Animal Farm Civil War

    A simple dispute can lead to a war that will change history forever. Orwell shows this in a fascinating way relating the Russian Civil War to the Battle of the Cowshed. When the animals are getting rid of their ruler, they are free to do whatever that pleases them. They decide to establish rules that could change their lives forever. When their ruler comes back and tries to take back the farm, the animals do amazing things that were learned from Julius Caesar’s Campaigns. The Civil war of Russia…

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  • Coup Or Social Rebellion In The October Revolution

    The October Revolution: Coup or Social Uprising? Historians along the century have questioned the veracity of the narrative the Bolsheviks fed to the people of Russia and the rest of the world. These historians claim that the communist party has distorted the facts of said revolution to control masses during the Soviet reign. The overthrow of the Provisional Government in October 1917 was both a Bolshevik-engineered coup d’état and a popular revolution. Chroniclers have debated this statement…

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  • Oppression As Explained In George Orwell's Animal Farm

    one can attempt to better understand the inner workings of oppression, more specifically: what in human nature allows some to become oppressors and why do others allow the oppression to exist. The three figures in the relationship of oppression are the oppressors, the oppressed, and the bystanders. By examining the characteristics of each group one can understand what in human nature allows oppression to exist. The role of the oppressor is to play leader to the oppressed. Oppressors connive…

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  • Analysis Of The Russian Revolution By Sheila Fitzpatrick

    If one were to have asked a Russian peasant what revolution means to them, they might answer samovol’shchina, or, translated “doing what you want.” In Sheila Fitzpatrick’s book The Russian Revolution she traces three broad themes through the course of the revolution that existed before 1917 and would continue until about the time of 1934. She examines the class struggle that was an important part of the revolution as well as the leadership that lead the Russian citizens through these tumuloous…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Great Grandfather Shmuel's Second Journal Entry

    This one is from a good five years after the last. Like the last journal entry I will fill in some of the gaps between this entry and the last. This journal entry is from February 1924, a couple of weeks after Vladimir Lenin dies. Since 1919 Lenin had continued to build his communist country, and he was doing a swell job of it. Distributing food and money as evenly as possible, however, Lenin is now dead, and my great grandfather has concerns about his predecessor Jozef Stalin, who seems to want…

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  • Brazil Struggles

    protests lead to reforms in government, a raise in minimum wage, the dissolving of parliament, the release of political prisoners, and fair elections. This revolution is not so different from how the United States found its freed om from Britain. In fact, on July third of 2013, a day before we were to celebrate our own independence, the Egyptians returned to their squares and forced out their first elected president , Mohamed Morsi, reaffirming their solidarity and strength as a nation. …

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  • Animal Farm Comparison Essay

    Aside from the obvious species differences in the characters of Animal Farm and 1984 (animals and humans), the characters of both books offer an interesting comparison. Napoleon, great leader of the animal rebellion, mirrors many of the authority figures in 1984, such as Big Brother, leader of the Party, or O’Brien, member of the privileged Inner Party. O’Brien in particular offers a good contrast to Napoleon. Both the pig and the man share the dubious characteristic of hiding behind an identity…

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