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  • Informative Essay On Psychedelic Drugs

    Throughout history the US media has unfairly portrayed psychedelic drugs, the counterculture, and philosophies behind them. Psychedelic drugs have been not only misportrayed and lied about, but the work of many successful scientists has been ignored because of the bad stigma behind psychedelic drugs. We will explore how psychedelic drugs can benefit society and help many people. Only until the psychedelic renaissance, present day, has some of the media started seeing psychedelic culture for what is really is. The discovery of Lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, by Dr. Albert Hofmann began a new type of counterculture in the US. The younger generations started to take part in this new drug called LSD, which wasn’t viewed as harmful at the time. Time Magazine even…

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  • Psychedelic Drugs Effects

    Being physically and psychologically impaired, whether it’s a depressant such as alcohol, or a stimulant such as amphetamines, is the most dangerous and deadliest aspects anyone under the influence can endure. Legal drugs and illegal drugs have a great effect on a person’s perception and consciousness. Psychedelic drugs, like marijuana affect thinking and reactions. Opioid pain medications and other psychoactive drugs have similarities; it even becomes addictive after a built of tolerance.…

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  • Ergot Poisoning Research Paper

    any such parasites or anything that could have been on the agriculture, the uses of ergot fungi began to be realized and thus, medicine/drug to precipitate childbirth was the first product created from this parasite. However, this discovery was not beneficial in the later years once…

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  • Clavicep Synthesis

    organisms. The name Psilocybe is derived from the Greek roots psilos (bare) and kube (head), translating into a New Latin term “psilocybe” (bare head), which can be explained by its very common and distinctive appearance (Azarius n.d.). If not, it will belong in the genera Gymnopilus (13 species), Panaeolus (7 species), Copelandia (12 species), Hypholoma (6 species), Pluteus (6 species), Inocybe (6 species), Conocybe (4 species), and Agrocybe, Galerina and Mycena (one each) (Azarius n.d.).…

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  • Timothy Leary's Aesthetic Movement: The Beatnik Movement

    After its brief period in the spotlight, its philosophical ideals continued to challenge American minds. During its inception the counterculture rallied around one man, a Harvard professor turned psychedelic guru named Timothy Leary. Leary’s high minded ideals and crowd-pleasing personality led him to become one of the main faces of the movement, and helped its other personalities develop their own ideals as well. Thus, it can be said that Timothy Leary’s explorations with psychedelic drugs led…

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  • Hallucinogenic Research Paper

    With an ancient history of civilizations using psychoactive substances as medicinal, ritual, and spiritual remedies, these drugs have shown positive treatments in more recent years. This notion that hallucinogenic drugs played a significant part in the development of religion has been extensively discussed for many years, causing controversial aspect of “hallucinogenic” or psychedelic drugs generate religious experience, and whether this experience is genuinely religious. Before considering the…

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  • Jitterbug Perfume Tom Robbins Analysis

    Times bestselling writer, wrote eight books since the mid 70 's. His fourth novel, Jitterbug Perfume (1984), starts with four epic stories from past to future, themed around the quest for eternality. It takes us from old Bohemia and the Himalaya Mountains to present day Seattle, New Orleans, and Paris. The events of Tom Robbins are so clearly affected in his writing that his life history influences the plot, characters, setting, and style of Jitterbug Perfume. Robbins’ life history, especially…

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  • Ayahuasca History Essay

    Ethoparmacologic History” says, “The origin of the use of ayahuasca in the Amazon Basin are lost in the mists past of prehistoric” (McKenna). The history of this enlightening tea is only known to the people looking to obtain higher consciousness and to the shamans that hold the keys of enlightenment. Furthermore, according to an article in the National Geographic Adventure Magazine states that, shamans of the Amazon consume ayahuasca as a sacrament for a “window into the soul” (6). The legends…

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  • Why Won T They Talk To Me Analysis

    “Why Won’t They Talk To Me?” A Groovy Semiotic Analysis The spaced out and complex tunes of psychedelic rock born in the 1960’s by numerous artists ranging from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Byrds, Pink Floyd, The Doors, and more have evolved over the years into a mix of antique guitar and present-day disco pop. The discourse community of psychedelic rock which arose in the 1960’s is still alive and evolving today while holding the same values of peace, love, and sharing the love for music…

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  • The Door Culture

    known as the counterculture. The times were defined by free thought, new ideas of love, psychedelic music, long hair, and drug experimentation . Big names in music like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience had gained a massive following from young people all over America in just a few years. But, none of those groups stormed the culture of the time quite like The Doors did in 1967. According to Mick Wall, after only one album and less than year, The Doors had quickly…

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