Psychoactive fungi

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  • Clavicep Synthesis

    serotonin, structurally and effectiveness, that psilocybin converts to instantly when it finishes metabolizing, but not as much as Psilocybe sp. Looking more in depth of this genus, the most popular and commonly available natural psychedelic currently is the species Psilocybe cubensis (other names could be Stropharia cubensis, Stropharia cyanescens or Stropharia caerulescens) due to being relatively easy to grow; also given the street name “magic mushrooms” due to its known hallucinations it gives off onto its victim. Psilocybe cubensis are commonly found in the subtropical humid forests of New Guinea and mainly Mexico, having the highest number of neurotropic fungi at 76 species, of which 44 of them belonging to the genus Psilocybe (39% of the world), originating and growing there; the likelihood in confronting these fungi…

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  • Day Dreaming Research Papers

    is in a perpetual dream, which seems to simply repeat and never end. But, unlike the pleasant fantasies of daydreams, your reality is scary. Everywhere, you go you can see people chasing you or things trying to get you. Colors are constantly swarming around your head, and things seem faded or blurry. This is the life of a hallucinogen addict. “The word hallucinogen comes from the Latin term “hallucinari” meaning, “to dream or to wander in the mind” (Fields, R. “Drugs in Perspective,” p 103).…

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  • Legalization: The Side Effects Of Legalizing Marijuana

    Legalize Marijuana Marijuana is the most used illicit psychoactive drug ” (Cerda, Wall, Keyes, Galea, & Hasin, 2012. pg.1). For some, the states that have already legalized marijuana, the use of marijuana has gone up. However, for the others the increase correlates with it being legal and makes sense. The opponents of legalization will point to these statistics as prove it should not be legalized but for individuals who want to consume cannabis instead of alcohol should have the…

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  • Medical Marijuana Essay

    His report on the chemicals show that when you extract the THC form the plant it can have effects on the growth of tumors but it can also have some effects that aren 't healthy for the body. After Ferner references the negative effects that it can have on the body he says that the non-psychoactive non-toxic chemicals such as CBD has shown to be promising in research for cancer. Ferner interviewed, Dr. Peter McCormick, a researcher from University of East Anglia in England. Dr. Peter McCormick…

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  • Snow From Broken Eyes Analysis

    Cocaine, while being a drug pharmacologically different from the choice recreational pharmaceuticals of the past, most notably opium and hashish, occupies a niche within the greater domain of drug culture among the Avant-Garde and the production of drug literature in particular. “The role of psychoactive drugs in European-and later also North American- literature of the Christian Era remained peripheral until the turn of the 19th century, when the Romantic preoccupation with the mysteries of…

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  • How Do Drugs Affect The Body

    Do people know what can happen to the inside of their body if they keep smoking drugs like are today? Drugs are the impact that surrounds us in the world. There are always reasons why people smoke to make themselves feel better. Most people smoke to relives stress and don’t know what it’s doing there body. People don’t get the information to know what they side affects or long term effect it has on their body. There are many affects that happens in the body when people smoke. It can be the most…

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  • Chris D Angelo Opioid History

    The opioid epidemic has been an issue that the United States has struggled with since the early 1900’s. Opioids are drugs commonly used in medical practice to relieve pain. Before the knowledge we have currently on opioids, opioids were an essential in curing a range of symptoms; from relieving pain to being used as cough suppressants. Today, the war on opioids is at an all time high. In 2014, 14 thousand people died from an opioid overdose. In CNN’s article, Opioid History: From “wonder drug”…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Breastfeeding Research Papers

    Breastfeeding While Smoking Cannabis Each day it is spoken of, that marijuana (Cannabis) should be (made something permitted by law) in the United States. Many always talks about how it is very wrong and confusing to not have the drug (made something authorized by law) in the U.S.. However, after many have read about the effects of using marijuana for recreational use while breastfeeding, (making something permitted by law) such drug is no longer an option. Many effects of participating in such…

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  • Arguments Against Liberalizing Marijuana

    The debate on the liberalization of marijuana, considered by most a soft drug, is on the agenda in several countries worldwide. If for decades, the one for legalization were viewed as a poorly tolerated and deviant minority, in recent times it seems that this hypothesis has found new and influential supporters, if only because of the failure of prohibitionist policies adopted in the majority of countries. This is precisely the new element in the debate on legalization, as it is undergoing a…

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  • Say Yes Chapter Summaries

    Muslims are more lenient towards that use of alcohol, but it should not be used in the sense of getting drunk. Muslims sees the difference in the drug and alcohol and the effect that the psychoactive substances that can have on the body. Muslims are head strong on their people partake in the use of alcohol (wine) and how it should be used based on casually. Mormons see all drugs and alcohol as causing harm to body and should not be used at all. Mormons believe that the use of alcohol and drugs…

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