Legal and medical status of cannabis

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  • Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

    Shortly after, her termination papers were being filled out. It seems unfair that a valuable employee can be terminated from her job out of the blue solely because of the uncovering of her private recreational use of cannabis. She went from shining within the company and doing great to instantly losing a huge part of her life,…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marijuana Legalization

    Weed. Ganja. Dank. These are just some of the street names referencing the “third highest used substance in the world behind alcohol and tobacco, respectively” (Global Drug Survey, 2015). Since the early 20th century, cannabis has been subjected to legal restrictions in numerous parts of the world; Canadian cannabis use and supply has been under strict criminal control since 1923: “with recreational use criminally prohibited under the federal drug-control law” (Controlled Drugs and Substances…

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  • Should Marijuana Be Decriminalized Essay

    can be beneficial in the case of a serious medical condition; however, decriminalizing cannabis allows anyone to exploit it for recreational purposes, including our susceptible youth. Having marijuana available to our youth may make them open to experience harder drugs (Sambrouck). I believe that having cannabis legally available for those with medical conditions is beneficial to our society. Nonetheless, if we are going to consider legalizing marijuana for uses other than medicinal purposes, we…

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  • Benefits Of Legalizing Medical Marijuana

    Medical Marijuana is legal in 23 states and Washington D.C. It is still considered in the United States federal offense to grow, sell, or even purchase marijuana. It has been around the world for many years to treat a wide variety of ailments spiritual and recreational purposes. Marijuana is known as Cannabis sativa. It is used in many ways and estimated that marijuana contains 460 active chemicals. This means the concentration of different ingredients varies from plant to plant, and will also…

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  • The Need For Weed By Chris Lee

    Oftentimes, athletes have to stay away from their job to deal with injuries and recover, but athletes may be able to return to their career sooner if cannabis was being used as a recovery aid. In the essay, Lee says, “…another cannabinoid in weed, the aforementioned CBD—which, notably, doesn’t get users stoned—is now widely recognized for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties…”(Lee 4). This quote showed me that legalizing marijuana would be very beneficial to those athletes who are…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Marijuana

    something more. People turn to marijuana, also referred to as weed, looking for a temporary high to get away from life constantly beating an individual down. Marijuana is one of the most widely used illegal drugs and constantly starts heated debates. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime states that, “in 2014 some 3.8% of the human population used cannabis.” Many people in this generation participate in the smoking and selling of marijuana, regardless of its legal status in their state.…

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  • Marijuan Justification For Solution

    wars; this money could be utilized elsewhere for benefiting USA in other fields. Justifying Evaluation Medical Marijuana is required for preparation of psychoactive drugs etc. It makes one euphoric and relaxed; the appetite increases. To many sufferer’s marijuana is indispensable; it gives relief from intense pain etc. To these people, life without marijuana is living death. In those states where marijuana is legalized doctors frequently prescribe it for chronic trouble like nausea caused by…

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  • Prop 64 Argumentative Analysis

    There is a dichotomy when it comes to the legality of marijuana usage in America. On the federal level, marijuana is in the same category as other dangerous drugs like heroine (Schedule I), thus highly illegal. In contrast, small number of states has moved to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults (even more for medical marijuana). California has just joined pro-marijuana group via the recent passage of Proposition 64. Before the vote, plenty of Californians argued against or in…

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  • Decriminalizing Marijuana By Charles Stimson Analysis

    cocaine or heroin. Stimson opposes the statement by saying that marijuana is more similar to the hard drugs than to alcohol. In the essay he states that “According to the British Lung Foundation, “smoking three or four marijuana joints is as bad for your lungs as smoking twenty tobacco cigarettes.” One of the ways Stimson contrasts alcohol and marijuana in his essay is by comparing their effects on the body. He states that consuming reasonable amounts of alcohol has few health risks and it can…

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  • Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

    Marijuana in the United States Marijuana, Mary Jane, reefer, pot, weed, cannabis whatever term you use marijuana is a hot topic in the United States. We have seen numerous movements to implement marijuana reform policy in the U.S. “With 25 states and Washington D.C. having laws legalizing marijuana in some form” (State Marijuana Laws in 2016 Map). Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, and Washington D.C. have laws allowing recreational use of cannabis. Most Recently Pennsylvania passed…

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