Should Marijuana Be Decriminalized Essay

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Should marijuana be decriminalized? Marijuana is not a harmless drug. Just like tobacco, marijuana can be damaging to the lungs. Yes, it can be beneficial in the case of a serious medical condition; however, decriminalizing cannabis allows anyone to exploit it for recreational purposes, including our susceptible youth. Having marijuana available to our youth may make them open to experience harder drugs (Sambrouck). I believe that having cannabis legally available for those with medical conditions is beneficial to our society. Nonetheless, if we are going to consider legalizing marijuana for uses other than medicinal purposes, we need to look at all the repercussions: drugged driving, our youth using it for recreation, and those who will …show more content…
Supporters believe that the prohibition does not eliminate the marijuana black market (Linker). Instead it causes many unwanted consequences and drives it underground (Linker). If marijuana is legalized, it would be produced and sold in a legal market, thus eradicating the distribution of marijuana in the black market. Supporters believe the production of marijuana can get the United States out of its economic crisis (Linker). “Marijuana legalization would also generate tax revenue of approximately $2.4 billion annually if marijuana were taxed like all other goods, and $6.2 billion annually if marijuana were taxed at rates comparable to those on alcohol and tobacco” (Linker). However, Americans need to understand that without the marijuana prohibition, people will be quite happy to go out and spend their entire paychecks on cannabis. Consequently, this leaves their families neglected without food and other necessities. Supporters believe that the stigma surrounding legalization of marijuana is unwarranted, but prohibition keeps society from overexposing themselves to this harmful

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