What Are The Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana Legalization

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The popular drug Marijuana has many health benefits and is also very lucrative, however, is often looked down upon because of its bad reputation that was attained by the spread of false claims because of this the pros of Marijuana legalization are overlooked and everyone is concerned about the cons. Not to say the coins do not exist, however, they do not outweigh the pros of legalization. For example, since colorado legalized marijuana they have seen a drop in arrest and an increase in judicial savings. They have also seen a decrease in crime rate and an increase in tax revenue. Finally, they have had a decrease in traffic fatalities contrary to popular belief that the legalization of the drug would cause an increase in traffic fatalities. That 's just colorado many …show more content…
It is impossible to deny the health benefits of it anymore and the revenue made from the legalization of it could single-handedly fix our economy and turn our country around. It is still illegal and taboo because of false claims projected over 40 years through mass media and anti-cannabis communities like the citizens against marijuana legalization. This group, in particular, claims that marijuana is killing people. In a 2005 study done by the CALM organization they claimed, “In 2005, for every $1 collected in taxes on alcohol and tobacco, almost $14 was spent to repair the vast social damages caused by their use. Legalization will see increased use and increased social damage.” As it is common knowledge that marijuana cannot even be compared to alcohol and tobacco because it is not a neurotoxin and has shown only minimal health effects that are usually short term. The organization also claims that marijuana is directly linked to car accidents and that legalizing it would make vehicle fatalities in cities increase, however in states like Washington and Colorado marijuana legalization has decreased roadway

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