Legalization Of Marijuana (Rough Draft)

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Legalization of Marijuana (Rough Draft)
For the past decade one of the biggest debates that has seemed to get everyone taking sides it the idea of the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana is not something new to the American government, it has been an ongoing battle to control the seemingly harmless plant that the government deemed illegal with no justification other than we still do not know enough about the plant. It is only due to recent theories of marijuana ability to be used as a useful medicine that people have began to rise up and ask why we have been denied access to plant that has no proven health risks. This movement is not moving slowly either with twenty-three states already legalizing medical marijuana with four of them legalizing
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Cannabis has already proven itself as a product that has a substantial positive impact on the economy, bringing in millions of dollars in tax revenue. This industry is guaranteed to take off and the only question is who will be at the forefront of the movement making an unbelievable profit when it does. People position on this argument is completely based on opinion due to the fact that this has never been done before. This is not an argument that people should base their stance on another individual’s perception, and instead should look
The reason marijuana is such a confrontational plant is because the facts about marijuana have been skewed to favor one side over the other in hopes of changing the public’s perception on marijuana. For years the government has lead the American people to believe that the plant is unhealthy and have instilled the idea that marijuana is just as bad as any drug you can find on the streets. Recent studies have since found that it is not the harmful drug that we once believed it to be. Researchers have found evidence that the use of marijuana helps Glaucoma by reducing eye pressure, helps with nausea in cancer patients, prevent epileptic seizures, and even alleviate muscle
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The truth is though that both side have reasonable arguments and neither one can call the other wrong due to the fact that none of us really know what will happen if the plant is legalized. The argument of supporting the legalization of marijuana is simple, if the plant is not dangerous like we have been told and actually posses numerous medical benefits, than it should be our right and freedom to have access to it. There is also the billions of dollars in tax revenue the government stands to gain if they did choose to legalize the plant, not to mention all of the tax money that will be saved from not having to prosecute marijuana users. While this seems like the clear choice the argument to keep marijuana illegal does bring up some points that could easily be over looked if we were to rush into the legalization of marijuana. A big concern that has arisen from the legalization marijuana is the use in younger children becoming more and more common to see (6). The reason for this trend is not because of the increase in supply but has to do with the way the generation of children growing up right now has been surrounded with the idea that the plant is harmless and is actually legal in some places in the country. This problem is not the children’s fault but ours as we have set a

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