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  • Differences Between Legal And Ethical Considerations Of A Business Research Study

    In this argument I will be exhibiting the ethical concerns that are relevant to conducting a business research study. This reason for this criteria is to ensure that there are no ambiguous claims or biased information, which inadvertently or intentionally would persuade interested parties toward a desired result. Ethical and Legal Considerations of a Business Research Study. The focus of any research study is to present a fair report on a particular situation. The use of manipulation to present biased conclusion on hypotheses, cannot be considered as a fair representation of the subject. As there are ethical policies guiding societies and organizations, even so, there are ethical principles, which were erected to guide researchers, participants,…

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  • Scottish Legal Aid Research Paper

    the Current Scottish Legal Aid Policy? Legal aid in Scotland is the responsibility of the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB), an institutional body created by the Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 1986 (Scottish Legal Aid Board, 2016). The actions of SLAB are consistent and stable but the Scottish government decides the aims of legal aid policy and the Scottish Parliament can implement legislative changes to the policy (Edinburgh & Scottish Legal Aid Board, 2016). The Scottish Legal Aid Board regulates the…

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  • My Experience As An Intern At The Florida Community

    As an intern at The Duval County Courthouse, I’ve learned so much about the legal profession. Initially when I started this internship, I did not know what to expect. I had a friend who completed the internship before me, and she spoke very highly of her supervisor and her overall experience there. On my first day at the courthouse, I was very nervous and instantly became intimidated by the extensive collection of books. For instance, I came across multiple books from The Florida Supreme Court…

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  • Legal Process Research Paper

    service of legal process? United States legal procedure requires that each party named in a case will be notified if actions are taken against them in a court of law. Service of process is an essential and mandatory aspect of Due Process. This ensures parties rights are protected and is a cornerstone of our nations courts. Rules of civil procedure vary from state to state. You should visit the State Rules of Civil Procedure section to learn more about service of process in your state. A…

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  • Legal And Ethical Issues In Nursing Research

    Poor documentation affects the credibility of the institution. The ramifications for failing to document can lead to legal and ethical implications, resulting in lawsuits for both the institution and the nurses. Nurses may also lose their license to practice. In more serious cases it can lead to serious medical complications due to nursing errors and possible death of patients. Also, inadequacy may lead to longer hospital stay for patients and waste of resources. Care plan sheets for the…

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  • Legal Drinking Age Research Paper

    Could you imagine eating a pizza left on a table for one weekend? Why does your answer come totally the opposite to liquids that the longer they saved the better they come? Alcohol is classified as a drug that made from stored fruits for period of time. This substance depresses the central nervous system. The US government allowed alcohol consumption for people who are older than twenty-one in 1934. Furthermore, Congress pushed all the states around the country to raise the legal drinking age to…

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  • Academic Statement: Computerized Legal Research And Writing Class

    program focused on how technology is shaping the legal arena, from e-filing to legal research databases. For example, I had the opportunity to use the premiere software available to file a mock Chapter 7 in the Bankruptcy law class, Best Case™. I was able to apply all the concepts I learned in class according…

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  • Malpractice Case: Alterations In The Emergency Department

    Legal Issues Case Study for Nursing Case 2 Nursing Situation: Cindy Black (fictitious name), a four-year-old child with wheezing, was brought into the emergency room by her mother for treatment at XYZ (fictitious name) hospital at 9:12 p.m. on Friday, May 13. Initial triage assessment revealed that Cindy was suffering from a sore throat, wheezing bilaterally throughout all lung fields, seal-like cough, shortness of breath (SOB), bilateral ear pain. Vital signs on admission were pulse rate 160,…

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  • Minimum Legal Drinking Age Research Paper

    The minimum legal drinking age or MLDA should stay 21 because, alcohol can cause brain damage, a younger drinking age results in an increase in alcoholism, and most car accidents are alcohol related. Many people believe that when someone is of age to join the army or get married that they should also be able to purchase alcohol. Many people may not realize that this is one of the oldest arguments in the united states. The 18th amendment banned the buying, selling, transporting, and drinking of…

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  • Exploratory Research In Social Media

    Research methods are a broad term. While methods of data collection and data analysis represent the core of research methods, the focus of the research is to collect data that can test both dependent and independent variables (Cresswell, 2008). The nature of the dependent variable (social media) in the hypothesis dictates the methodology and design for this perspective study. Therefore, the researcher is proposing an exploratory research to fully expose the potential and conceptual distinctions…

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