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  • Essay On Paralegal Training

    This doesn’t require you to have any particular specialization or degree such as psychology or medicine, but anybody with any degree can go this route. I Can’t Afford a College Education If you still desire to become a legal assistant, but don’t have the necessary funds to attend a community college or university, your next best effort should be to work your way into the position. There are still many law firms and government agencies that hire from within and are willing to train those candidates who have potential and the drive to become a paralegal. This way may be a great option to receive your paralegal training and education. It may even be the best plan for certain situations. I Want a Paralegal Certification Most employers do not require a paralegal certification (unless you have no education or experience), but earning one will earn you many advantages in today’s…

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  • College Admissions Essay: Long Walk To Freedom

    progress. Since he was the provider of basic needs to our family of five people, the loss of job was a shock to us all. However, as daunting as it was, I fought tooth and nail, and didn’t allow being pulled back in pursuing my goals. It took me 3 months to make application to the government students loan scheme, and I was fortunate to get funds for my secondary education. This was the time I realized that, I have opportunity to fulfil my dream of becoming a lawyer. As I continued with my…

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  • Litigation Attorney Research Paper

    The litigation attorney is also referred to as the trail lawyer or the litigator. They represent a plaintiff or the defendant in a civil matter in court cases. Litigation attorneys like Karl Heideck perform a wide variety of tasks for their client. This might include handling the entire investigative process to the trail, and settlement of the entire case. Of course, the tasks performed by the litigator depends heavily on the case that is involved. Great litigators like Karl Heideck design…

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  • Essay Of Personal Narrative

    Growing up my family was poor, but my parents ensured that my siblings and I always had what we needed, and continuously supported us as we grew and tried to follow our dreams. Although neither of my parents obtained a college degree, they understood that education was important and constantly encouraged us to take an interest in our school work. When I was six years old my mother married my stepfather, who adopted me and raised me as if I were his daughter. I was excited to finally have what I…

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  • Becoming A Lawyer Research Paper

    “Preserving A Better World” Murders, child trafficking, sexual harassment, hate crime, to even the silliest as dumpster diving and mail theft happen everywhere. Most people are notoriously known for their ruthless and conniving ways. That’s why there are plenty of injustices in the world. It is up to the United States legal professional team to create a more peaceful and preservative society. This paper will be uncovering and conducting research to further explain to my fellow readers the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Shift In A Car

    I spent the first week scouring the course catalog and talking to a transfer and an undergraduate advisor. They were both supportive of my newfound dedication to the law and encouraged me to give it a shot. The transition to UT was a struggle. I was taking four government and law classes and was I more academically challenged than I’d been my whole life. About halfway through the semester, though, I felt confident in my decision to pursue law. I enjoyed the parts and procedures involved in the…

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  • The Importance Of Elder Law

    Foundation or NELF describes elder law as “legal practice of counseling and representing older persons” ( Not all clients of elder law attorneys are in their old…

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  • Why I Chose To Go To Law School

    Ever since I was six years old I knew that I wanted to become an attorney and that it would take many years of schooling. At this young age, I did not have a clue what an attorney did. All I saw was that the attorney would go to court and argue with a man. Some school days were rough. My parents both immigrants, with no education, could not help me with simple school work. I was mad and embarrassed because I felt like I did not have any support. Regardless, of their background my parents…

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  • Personal Narrative: Grandma's Home

    However, I consider it the most thoughtful field of all. Also, a great lawyer in Arbitration is the one who possesses an extensive knowledge in Private International Law. Thus, I would not have any solid ground in defending Egypt without acquiring sufficient knowledge in Private International Law. Moreover, I believe it is a very interesting subject to teach, if you are willing to be a creative lecturer. My interest to study the American Legal System emits from my addiction to study US…

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  • The Buffalo Creek Disaster By Gerald M Stern

    threatening the lives of the neighboring community may face huge losses in compensation. The book shows how legal system is sometime fair since Stern’s opponents were financially superior and outnumbered him yet he won the case. It shows how a lawyer, Stern, does a great job. The book came after a disaster in New Orleans due to maintenance negligence prior to…

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