Interview Preparation: Interviewing In Class

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Interview Preparation
The purpose of this assignment is to help you begin forming responses to common interview questions. You are welcome to reference this document as we practice interviewing in class. You are welcome to use bulleted statements or type in full sentences for this assignment (I usually find bulleted statements more useful…that way, you don’t try to memorize specific lines, but focus on key points you want to communicate).
Tell me about yourself. (Fill in the common content areas below).
Education: Currently, I am a junior at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I am majoring in Agricultural and Food Business Management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and business management. I choose this major because I have a strong
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I show up twice a week and help the varsity team work on technical and tactical drills, such as ball dribbling and making better runs on the field during a game.

Strength 3: I am a really good team player and I also work well individually.
Example: An example of this is when I took a statistics class at the University of Minnesota. I learned how to be a good group leader by turning in all the necessary paperwork for the specific project we were working on. I also worked well individually by making sure to come up with ideas during times that we weren’t together as a group.

Weakness / Challenge. Describe a weakness as it relates to the position and how you are working to improve it. Weakness: A weakness that I have as it pertains to this position is, I haven’t had any or many experiences with getting jobs or internships that are in the business field. Which I feel can hinder my chances of getting this position.
Strategies for improving (specific examples make for a stronger answer): How I plan on resolving this issue, in my current job, I can ask my manager to guide and show me how he opens and closes the business. By doing so, I will gain knowledge on what it takes to run a business which will be valuable experience to
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Write a narrative describing the situation, task, action and result for question 1:
S: I was working at my first job, when I was a young teenager. I was fairly new to the department, and I was the only one closing that night.
T: My boss left me a list of things that I was supposed to accomplish during the night. As I was working hard stocking produce, a customer that came to our store regularly, was out and about shopping and he happened to stop in our department. Usually the customer would buy a lot of peppers and he was extremely picky on the condition of each pepper before he bought them. I noticed that he looked unhappy, so I stopped what I was doing and went over to assist him. He complained to me about the conditioning of the peppers.

A: I quickly went in our backroom to grab him fresh product, and I also ended up calling one of our vendors to find out why our peppers weren’t looking the greatest. I ended up finding out that there was a weather issue, which caused the peppers to look like that. I went out and gave the customer fresher peppers and briefly explained the situation to

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