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  • Certified Paralegal Certification

    INTRODUCTION Paralegal certification is available in four states while only two states offer document preparer certifications through their State Bar Associations. These states require a certification examination to educationally qualified paralegals or legal assistants prior to the Bar Associations authorizing the paralegal to use the title of “Certified Paralegal,” however, certification is not required in these states to work as a paralegal. The American Bar Association defines a paralegal as someone with the education and work experience required to work for an attorney or law firm performing specific duties for which the attorney is responsible. Without the American Bar Association recognizing someone as “certified paralegal” the title…

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  • Unauthorization Of Law

    practice of law, also known as UPL, is one of the most important duties that all legal professionals or aspiring law students should learn and integrate into their law career, in order to maintain impeccable ethics and conduct at all times. Clear rules and regulations must be adhered to, in regards to the unauthorized practice of law throughout the legal industry. In order to avoid the unauthorized practice of law, one must first know what it is by definition and how it pertains to their best…

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  • Tom Chiarella Twenty Dollar Essay

    If placing a dollar in a bouncer’s hand could get a better seat at a concert, the spare change wouldn’t be very hard to part with, would it? Unless the individual were extremely thirsty and needed that dollar to buy a drink, it most likely wouldn’t happen either. Using a larger bill, such as a twenty, would give a real shot of making that wish come true; which is exactly what Tom Chiarella explained throughout his article “The $20 Theory of the Universe.” As a man who considers himself as a…

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  • Health Information Management Program

    not mean they don’t have to scan/assemble loose paper into EPIC. There are three steps to ensure the quality and efficiency of indexing and scanning forms and loose records into EPIC. The first step is to scan these loose forms. Most of the hospital scans their own records for the most part but for example HIM scans the ERs records and place them in EPIC. On February 9th, Devonn and I got a chance to scan records from OB and a few inpatients. We went to a pretty much vacant filing cabinet and…

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  • Chapter 17 Discusses Something Known As An Informational Report?

    maintenance, and site studies” of things observed in the field. Next are progress reports, which “describe ongoing projects,” and status reports, which describe the entire range of operations of a department, division, etc.” Finally, there are incident reports, which “describe events such as workplace accidents, health or safety emergencies, and/or equipment problems” (Markel, 2012). 3. Directives are documents that instruct others. The primary purpose of these is to explain how one desires…

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  • My Observation Of Diversity In The Classroom

    In my second observation I observed Ms. Evy’s class in where there was a total of thirteen students, five boys and eight girls, and four assistants. There was a lot of diversity in this class, beginning with the assistants. One of the teacher’s assistant spoke both Spanish and English and was there because one the toddlers only spoke Spanish. There were no special need children in this specific class. I had the opportunity to observe the class while in the playground and while they were inside…

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  • Synoptic Gospels Analysis

    NBST 515 DB Forum #2 Word Count 796 In the Synoptic Gospels there are astounding similarities in both framework and wording. Likewise, there are variations in the detailing, structure, and syntactical shifts. It is without question that the Synoptic Gospels embrace an interdependency both orally and written. In Synoptic Exercise 1, “the healing of the man with a withered hand”, the synoptic narratives’ outline and overall message deduce an identical outcome with a noticeable pattern which…

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  • The Gospel Of Luke Analysis

    The Broader Context: The Gospel of Luke In order to best understand how to properly interpret Luke 16:1-13, it is best to first read the passage in light of its surrounding context—the entire book of Luke. In his introduction, Luke clearly states his purpose in writing this gospel: “so that you may know the exact truth about the things you have been taught,” (Luke 1:4). This is Luke 's purpose statement, but what is the truth the Luke is trying to demonstrate? The main theme Luke wants to…

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  • History Of Chicago Union Hospital

    When I walked into Advocate Illinois Masonic I was taken back by how massive the hospital was. I found the HIM department on the first floor and was greeted by Renee Rahimzadeh. Ms. Renee Rahimzadeh upon greeting me supplied me with my schedule for the duration of my time with Masonic. My nervousness at this time has subsided since Ms. Renee was so friendly and warm. I had my departmental tour with Ms. Rahimzadeh and she introduced me to the staff that was present at the time and at the end of…

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  • Introspection Of Jesus

    Savior, counselor, friend, redeemer, shepherd, and I Am, are only some of the names brought to mind when confronted with who Jesus is, with a key one being Immanuel, or God with us. The exhaustive list should speak for itself in that Jesus encompasses every plausible Godly characteristic fathomable to man. While the human race assigns numerous titles to describe Jesus, personal introspection of who Jesus is might differ from that of a worldly viewpoint. Thus, deliberating on Jesus in a biblical…

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