The Effects Of Smoking Drugs On The Body

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Do people know what can happen to the inside of their body if they keep smoking drugs like are today? Drugs are the impact that surrounds us in the world. There are always reasons why people smoke to make themselves feel better. Most people smoke to relives stress and don’t know what it’s doing there body. People don’t get the information to know what they side affects or long term effect it has on their body. There are many affects that happens in the body when people smoke. It can be the most addictive drugs without people knowing it. There are many drugs in the world that people don’t know the long term effects it has on their brain and body such as marijuana, pcp and crack cocaine. Marijuana is a plant that can be grown which the marijuana can be in the leaves, stems seeds and flowers of the plant. It’s …show more content…
People can smoke or inject it as well because there are liquid forms that people can get a hold off. When people snort, inject, or smoke cocaine; it goes into the bloodstream and goes to the brain fast. The chemical messenger that the nerves use to communicate messages in the body gets in the way once someone smokes cocaine. When people get high off cocaine is caused when their chemical buildup. When chemical is backup it causes the person to have shorten in breath and can even die from it. Depend on how the drug is taking by someone can really hurt their respiratory system. When people are high off cocaine, they feel like paranoia, restlessness, and have anxiety. Their blood pressure will be so high that their organs will be damaged also. . The long term effects are more affected then marijuana and PCP because it can cause people to have a heart attack, damage to the brain, damage respiratory system, and kidneys as

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