HBS107: Understanding Health And Healthy Living

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Assessment Task 1: Readings Review

HBS107 – Understanding Health

Matt Smith (215105158)

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Readings Review

The concept of health and healthy living is becoming more and more discussed. But what many Australians don’t realise is that health is not simply levels of physical fitness or proper dieting. There is much more to health than these bodily factors, and these need to be recognised. Wilkinson and Marmot (2003) have identified ten important social determinants of health in their report ‘The Solid Facts’. These aspects intertwine and
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Drugs such as methamphetamine (also known as ‘meth’ or ‘ice’) provide users with a false reality; a false escape from their stress and problems but in the end only makes things worse (Wilkinson & Marmot, p. 24). Emotional and physical (biological) dependence on the drug is what drives people to continue to use, even if they are aware of not only the negative consequences towards their health, but also their social, family and work life. Addiction is what drives drug abuse. Teenagers and pre-teens will try drugs for a variety of reasons, namely peer pressure, a result of risk-taking behaviour or simply lack of education/ignorance. Once they have had their first high from meth for example, it is extremely difficult not to continue using. The ability to escape reality, even if temporary, becomes appealing to those who may be struggling with school, with forming an identity and to those who just want to find a social group to fit in to. The effects of drug use is propelled when the user is consistently consuming due to their dependence. Major health issues are of concern, such as decreased body functionality, damage to the skin and organs, and a variety of mental conditions. Other consequences can include school drop-outs, violence and …show more content…
However, instead of merely punishing those who abuse drugs, the better solution may be to prevent the use from happening in the first place. Researchers and professionals have fortunately started to recognise social determinants as an influence towards people’s health, and major health issues. Addiction is an incredibly resilient force that can affect anyone. The continued use of drugs can severely damage physical health and leads to a variety of mental health conditions. Early life is also a determinant that contributes significantly. Those who are uneducated or feel pressure to do drugs at a young age are more likely to continue into the future (Grigsby, et al., 2014), and those who are surrounded by friends who use will also have a higher chance of continued use (Kelly et al., 2010). Intervention for these pre-teen and teenage youth may help them to avoid drug use in adulthood, effectively reducing the gravity of Australia’s drug problem. While drug use in Australia is a very serious health issue that affects a large number of people, by focusing on a wider category of social determinants the problem may one day

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