Cause And Effect Essay On Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse is one of the biggest things that are happening everyday around the world. Drug abuse is dangerous to do, in which can affect the human body. These affects can be very long term or even for forever. The more a person is abusing drugs the more that they are damaging themselves. There are different types of drugs that many put to use. You are able to name more than fifty different types of drugs that are being used illegally or even legal. Drugs may not only have effects on the body but will also have a big effect towards the brain in so many different ways. The abuse is able to get fixed by just doing treatment or even going to a rehab center. However, while doing this many will feel horrible withdrawals. Nobody should be in the position in which they are using drugs to ease their pains away. People that are abusing drugs should always be helped. Keywords: drug abuse, treatment, effects …show more content…
4 someone can do. Drugs is something that everyone should know about and not get close to. The fact that drugs are close to kids and teens is very dangerous. This can put them into danger in which can also affect their lives. Nobody shouldn’t be introduced to any type of drugs even if many states that it can be a very good pleasure while they are high.
There are many people around the world that are going through a tough time. However, in some cases people try to ease themselves by using drugs all the time. This is a way on how many people try to forget the horrible things that they go through. Drug abuse is an addiction to the use of drugs that can be very dangerous to the human body and to the brain. There are many different types of drugs that are being used.
Heroin is not the only drug that has been being abused. This drug is one of the top drugs that many around the world are able to get and use it. However, this is one of the drugs that users are using and enjoy it. In which many will abuse the drug and will have terrible outcomes after.
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