Argumentative Essay About Drugs

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Register to read the introduction… His life really changed because he started to use drugs and until today he talks about how he ruined his life over a small decision. What I am saying is that people like this are everywhere in the world.
If a person becomes addicted they can get treatment many peoples who has gotten therapy or treatment
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Many people who are addicted to drugs face many problems in their lives, such as abject poverty, family problems, and health problems. For me personally I never want to get involved in drugs, after seeing what my uncle went through all his live and how he ruined his career over a small decision. Drugs will never go away form this world and people will still produce more and more and people will die because of it and some might become successful and for some it might hurt them but overall drugs will still be legal to get but it is up to the people to make their decision whether to be drug free or be addicted.

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