Persuasive Essay Over Prescription Drugs

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Science and technology has grown exponentially in recent years, issues such as heart disease and diabetes that once required surgery are now regulated with medicine. It has become routine for doctors to prescribe medicine because it is the easiest solution. Medication is the most efficient way to take care of illness, but what happens if we are prescribing too much? “Prescription painkillers kill six times more people each year than heroin does” (Wen). This harrowing statistic is why over prescription needs to stop. The overuse of prescription drugs has become apparent in our society due to lack of knowledge, financial gain and doctor.
Patients play a large role in the over prescription of medications, often people ask for drugs unaware how harmful they are. According to Leana Wen
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I do agree that illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure have increased, but these illnesses are being over prescribed as well. According to The Guardian “Researchers have discovered overly aggressive control of blood sugar and blood pressure with more medicines in type II diabetes did not prevent heart attacks and, in fact, led to higher rates of complications” (Franklin). The more medications used to control a specific issue lead to more problems. The dosage may have increased but it had the same and often adverse effect. The use of multiple drugs is no better than one. Many patients will be prescribed drugs and they will believe that the drugs will work but the patient does not improve because of the actual chemical components of the drug. An article written in an APA magazine says, “Studies have shown that people with mild depression that take antidepressants, do not do significantly better than using placebos” (Smith36). Often times prescription drugs act as a placebo effect, the chemicals in the drugs are not healing them, but the patient believe that it

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