Effects Of Drugs On Youth

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Each day drugs makes a huge impact on our generation. Throughout this paper, I am looking to find out what causes teenagers to try illegal drugs and how it impacts their life. Drugs can affect a person in different parts of their lives. For example their education, work, personal life, and the relationship with their family and friends. Throughout the years research has proven that there has been an increase in drug addiction within the youth. Overall in this paper there will be evidence to prove how drugs and crime can impact a young person 's life. In order to understand how the two correspond it is important to know what causes a young person to get interested into trying illegal drugs. Why does a young person decide that it is a good idea to try a substance that they know can have a negative impact on their lives? Drug addiction can ultimately ruin and even end a young person 's life. Ultimately, the person 's health can get affected negatively depending on their choice of drug. This is an interesting topic because, there are people who do not understand why others become addicted to drugs, or how drugs can …show more content…
In the article, Preventing Drug Use among Children and Adolescents by the National Institute on Drug Abuse it explains how children start to abuse drugs in the early ages of 12 or 13 which can indicate that it could have started at an earlier age (National Institute on Drug Abuse.) Children who have had a hard childhood can turn to people who are not a good influence. Those who have been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused turn to drugs to not deal with reality. There are also times when young teens just want to fit in and be cool, and in order to that they need to do what those kids do (in most cases is doing drugs.) Pressure from friends can push a young person who is trying to find themselves and find their place in the world to do things that they know they shouldn 't

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