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  • A Career As A Psychologist

    The occupation of being a psychologist includes a whole lot of studying, but to be a researcher in psychology you 'll need a doctoral degree! For just being a psychologist you’ll only need to have a PhD. There are 4 years of college then there is 5 years of graduate school. As for a doctoral psychologist you will need a PsyD, including for clinical, school, and health it will require a 1 year internship which is part of the doctoral program. The Psy.D is a clinical degree and is often used for practical work, such as examinations which is more than a dissertation. As from other Psychologists they state that you do NOT need experience to be a psychologist!. The skills that will be needed to become a psychologist are strong communication skills,…

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  • Becoming An I/O Psychologist

    conclusion that becoming an I/O Psychologist would be the best option for me. There are a few reasons why this career became an interest of mine. First off, by becoming an I/O Psychologist I will actually be able to make a change in the world and help people. An I/O Psychologist spends their time helping the people within large corporations work more cohesively. By doing this, I could potentially help these large companies be more productive, which would lead to them creating content or…

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  • Example Of Resilience

    My personal definition of resilience is that it’s an individual’s ability to overcome life events in a positive way. I have had to demonstrate resilience many times in my life. One example of my resilience was during a time where my life was changing drastically. As a recent college graduate, I was moving forward with life beyond the college campus and embarking on a new journey to graduate school. However, an unexpected event threatened to change that path. BRIEF SUMMARY On August 7, 2015…

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  • Confidentiality In Group Therapy

    “Duty to warn or protect” laws are found in a handful of states throughout our country, and they declare that certain professionals, especially psychologists, have a duty to warn authorities if they know of an imminent threat of danger to an individual or group of individuals. These laws help protect professionals from being criminally responsible for their patient’s crimes, as well as help protect those in the community from potentially dangers persons. Some issues with these laws include…

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  • Confidentiality In Psychology

    binding I the parents signing a written agreement. The fourth challenge is informing the patients of their legal rights with confidentiality. This would support the technology world with emails, texts, and conference calls. Like with any other rule to be explained there are rights transferring the emails and making sure the client and the psychologist has decent technology to help with keeping track of emails or texts. A fifth challenge would be the record keeping of notes and binding laws to…

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  • Experimental Psychologist

    Experimental Psychology Experimental psychologists conduct and interpret research, and usually work within a specialty with regards to types of human responses. Cognitive psychologists focus on how human process information, and quantitative psychologists focus on measuring human cognition in relation to characteristics. They also devise ways to test and measure behavior, intelligence, personality, and emotionality to explain and predict them (Kuther & Morgan, 2012, p. 117). Careers within the…

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  • Summary: A Career As A Psychologist

    When people think of a psychologist they always seem to think that it is for adults only. The mental health of children however, is sometimes overlooked. Adults believe that kids do not have any problems because their life is supposed to be happy. But kids go through stress and psychological disorders, in fact, according research 20% of children in the United States suffer from some sort of mental illness each year. Upon considering obtaining a degree in child counseling psychology I discovered…

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  • Becoming A Psychologist Essay

    I grew up in a small town called Clovis, New Mexico with my mother and 3 siblings. My family and I moved to Corpus Christi, at the age of 10, due to my mother getting a better job. I currently still live in Corpus Christi, Texas and have been here for 10+ years. I am a mother of two healthy beautiful boys ages 2 and 3. Growing up as a child my mother was the sole provider for me and my siblings. My mother worked two jobs and attended a community college. I have always looked up to her as a role…

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  • Social Perceptions Inaccurate

    Summary: Social psychologists have been debating the question “Are our social perceptions often inaccurate” for many years, each coming to their own conclusion. Social psychologists Lee Ross and Richard Nisbett argue that people’s perceptions are indeed often inaccurate, due to a “dispensationalist bias” (“Are Our Social. . .”). However David C. Funder believes that our perceptions are not often mistaken and that their behavior is due to their dispositions. Ross and Nisbett would argue that the…

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  • A Career As A Forensic Psychologist

    There are thirty different Psychologist careers that require a degree in psychology, and that is far from all of the career options for someone with a psychology degree. Someone with a psychology degree usually is associated with being a counselor but not all of them do. Psychologists are experts in human behavior and that is how they can help others. Of the thirty careers in Psychiatry I will choose four to go over a somewhat: Counseling Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Cognitive…

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