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  • Eerie Dragoness Short Story

    Eerie Dragoness was not born to be a Saint she was too self-serving. She was born to a poor peasant family around 217A.D. In her early life her parents noticed she was different. Eerie was intelligent beyond her time, and preferred to spend time alone. Eerie’s family found her and the experiments she did to be rather peculiar. To Eerie they were not peculiar, but were experiments to enhance their lives. Unsupervised during her youth, Eerie spent her time in the neighboring village. They had a library where Eerie could study the topics she graved to know more about, including, but not limited to history, biology, and scientific topics, along with philosophy. Her favorite part of the library, however, was the art on the walls, it depicted dinosaurs and cavemen. Eerie had a special enthrallment with the pterodactyl and its eggs. She would sit for hours and study the pterodactyl and how protective it was as it hovered over its eggs, --- daring anyone to touch them. A love she craved from her own parents; consequently, never did receive. Her enthrallment with the pterodactyl eggs and the image they represented, --- love between a mother and a child, grow into experiments. She discovered a way to allow their family’s chickens to produce extra eggs. A noticeable amount above a normal chicken. Thinking her father would be proud of her, she showed him what she had been able to accomplish, only to have him beat her with a strap. He scolded her, “You’ll cause our family to be…

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  • Convergent And Divergent Evolution Essay

    to fly backwards, making getting nectar from a flower or food from a feeder easier,” (Bauer, 2011, p.1). b. Briefly describe how the trait evolved; e.g., mutation, genetic drift, migration and/or natural selection. Be sure to support your answer with evidence. Answer: Bird: Although how wing involve in bird is still a hypothesis, but scientists believed that wing evolved in bird by natural selection of exaptation. Meaning that their ancestor for purposes other than flight (Hutchinson,…

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  • The Importance Of Transportation In The Cretaceous Period

    would definitely be an interesting and adventurous accommodation and living condition you should embrace! 6. Tourism sightseeing and natural attractions Feast your eyes with the vegetation of the Jurassic such as conifers, cycads and other gymnosperms that still exists in Cretaceous (Waggoner, 1995). You will be greeted with a spread of flowering plants across the land, including magnolias, early sycamores and barberry. Rodents can be seen scampering on their feet through the thick ferns that…

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  • Extinction Of Dinosaurs Essay

    which influenced and ruled the earth for more than 160 million years, which are descendant from the species called Archosaurs. These huge reptile creatures were of various shapes and sizes, from frightening huge Spinosaurus to the small sized Microraptor. Dinosaurs were lived in a Mesozoic era which comes in between approx. 230 to 65 million years ago. But these non-avian creatures became extinct about 65 million years ago. During the Mesozoic era, the land slowly splits from one large mainland…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Fascination With Dinosaurs

    When I was younger I had a fascination with dinosaurs. I would spend countless hours recreating the images and sketches found in the copious amount of dinosaur books I acquired. I remember distinctly deciding that I would be a paleontologist in kindergarten so I could breed dinosaurs. And I also remember distinctly going home and crying after learning that all the cool ones were dead. Nobody cares about birds, and my dinosaur phase soon wore off. Although my little life now had no purpose I…

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  • Thermoregulation In Diapsids

    modern birds and crocodiles. Since the one-way archosaur respiratory system is highly-efficient, it could have supplied ample oxygen to support a high metabolism and endothermy in dinosaurs. Second, dinosaurs possess feathers, which would have aided in insulating an internally maintained body temperature and hindered ectothermy. Finally, dinosaurs (in many cases) possess anatomies formidable for rapid movement. Rapid movement is most reliably facilitated in endothermic organisms. How many times…

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  • The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

    How are fossils explained before this? They were identified by mere remains of other living plants and animals, because they were very similar to the organisms alive in that time. Of course going back to the previous question they believed this until they came across remains of animals they had never seen before hence the mastodon bones. 4. Do we know what had caused any of the previous extinction? To really be sure of the things that have caused the past extinctions it should be noted…

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