Eerie Dragoness Short Story

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Eerie Dragoness was not born to be a Saint she was too self-serving. She was born to a poor peasant family around 217A.D. In her early life her parents noticed she was different. Eerie was intelligent beyond her time, and preferred to spend time alone. Eerie’s family found her and the experiments she did to be rather peculiar. To Eerie they were not peculiar, but were experiments to enhance their lives.
Unsupervised during her youth, Eerie spent her time in the neighboring village. They had a library where Eerie could study the topics she graved to know more about, including, but not limited to history, biology, and scientific topics, along with philosophy. Her favorite part of the library, however, was the art on the walls, it depicted dinosaurs
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She was a strong-minded woman. She had refused his attempts to brand her, his own. He kept her locked up to punish her, nevertheless, he realized his attempts at punishment were futile. He wanted to be sure she was not taken by another, --- he wanted her to himself.
Min had taken a liking to Eerie even before her parents had offered her for sale. He had noticed her around the open air market. She had the shiniest black hair he had ever beheld. Her eyes were the blackest of black. He was sure he could glimpse into her soul while gazing into her eyes. Consequently, he knew their age difference was a concern. She was a young woman, not yet considered a spinster, --- he was a seasoned man in his mid-life.
It wasn’t until later that Eerie discovered that Min was the one that started the townspeople on a witch hunt. Min had sent the boy into the woods to come upon her garden. Consequently, he helped the whispering rumors spread through the village. Once her parents became fearful for their lives, Min stepped in to offer his assistance. He proceeded to offer her parents money for her, with a promise to keep Eerie safe. The money was enough for Eerie’s family to pack up and move to the remotest areas never to be seen again. They left her with a tyrant and never glanced

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