Convergent And Divergent Evolution Essay

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Unit 1 Written Assignment
Question: For the purposes of this assignment, you are to choose an adaptive trait common to more than one species. For example, birds and bats both have wings. Write a 2-3 page (500 – 750 words, 12-point font) paper including the following elements.
a. Describe what makes this trait an adaptation.
For this assignment, I will choose an adaptive trait wings. Both birds and bats both have a trait that enables them to fly.
Bats: The bats wings enables it to get a food eat and survive. Bats eat small moving insects to survive. The ability to catch these small moving insects keeps it alive. The specially designed wings is the only trait that does this job. Therefore because they rely on small moving insects for
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What is convergent and divergent evolution?
Divergent evolution: I will simply explain divergent evaluation with this diagram Something different Something different

From one common origin, two or more species evolves is described as divergent evolution, a good example is the, “reproductive organs of flowering plants which share the same basic anatomies; however, they can look very different as a result of selection in different physical environments and adaptation to different kinds of pollinators,” (Avissar et al., 2013, p.486). In addition, the vertebrate forelimbs, which formed paddling in whales, hands in primates, as well as bats wings.
Convergent Evolution
Convergent evolution is opposite of divergent evolution. From different origins, species arrive at a common adaptation for fitness.
Example is, “flight has evolved in both bats and insects, and they both have structures we refer to as wings, which are adaptations to flight. However, the wings of bats and insects have evolved from very different original structures,” (Avissar et al., 2013, p.486).
f. Describe whether the trait is a result of convergent or divergent

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