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  • Pedophile Research Paper

    used the age of the victims without regards to their level of maturation despite their age. The next following study conducted by Lan, Rouget, and Van Santen did in fact take not only age but physical maturity levels into account (1988). Here they used the Tanner score – these scores range from 1 to 5 and mark the levels of sexual and physical maturity (Lan et al., 1988). The scores of 1 to 5 corresponded accordingly: (1) infantile morphology for breasts and genital area, (2) budding of breasts, beginning of axillary and pubic hair growth and mucosa changes in the labia minora and vagina, (3) further enlargement of breasts with elevation of areola, no separation of contours of breasts and nipples, pubic hair darker, coarser and more curled and more axillary hair, (4) projection of areola and papilla to form secondary mound above the level of breasts, axillary and pubic hair adult in character and, (5) mature breasts and mature distribution of axillary and pubis hair (Lan et al., 1988). Another interesting part of this study was that the researchers participants were the victims as opposed to the perpetrators or pedophiles themselves. The study results demonstrated that the majority of children that were abused were under the Tanner 1 score (of which through medical examinations they determined) (Lan et al., 1988). Lan et al. notes that the victims in the study appeared much younger than children used as the control (1988). It is addressed that due to the youngness in their…

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  • A Pop Pimples: A Short Story

    But humans are naturally curious and drawn to disgusting things. Why do you think horror exists? And I’m human, at least, I’m fairly certain I am. You can’t sit there and say you’ve never looked up something weird on a whim. It would be a lie, right? But I digress. One of my favorite places to pop pimples was my back. Sometimes, I would have really pressurized zits pop up and it would feel so fantastic to hear and feel the “pop” of success. I wouldn’t even need a mirror – even though seeing it…

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  • Body Modifications In Women

    examples of popular body modifications include body hair removal, genital surgery, and breast augmentation. It is believed by many that these ideals come from everyday media image; however, researchers have yet to develop a correlation between the two. They have found though that women are more likely to remove their hair than men. In the paper “Body Hair Removal: The ‘Mundane’ Production of Normative Femininity”, the researchers questioned several women about their shaving routine and…

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  • Hair Removal

    and impractical such as women shaving all their unwanted hair, where men are encouraged to not shave theirs. Everywhere a woman looks there is a reminder or advertisement for hair removal and all the different options for it. The United States has only had a few occasions when women speak out against not shaving. Hair removal is a vital contributor for women to be seen as beautiful. Today’s society has an unrealistic expectation for all women to shave everything in order to be desirable and fit…

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  • Human Hair Vs Animal Hair

    Differences between Human Hairs and Animal Hairs Once determining that the fibrous evidence is a hair, our next step is on how to distinguish the feature differences between a human hair and an animal hair as shown in Table 8 (Sapp, 2004). (33 words) Animal Hair Coronal Spinous Human Hair Imbricate Table 8. Feature Differences between Human…

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  • Venus Of Willendorf Analysis

    1. The shape of the Venus of Willendorf is very round with several features exaggerated such as in the stomach and in the breasts. It is given a texture on its head which seems to imply that it's hair though where the face should be appears to be covered by this hair. There also is a few other details in the statute such as having a belly button and having a defined pubic area. The meaning and function of this object can be understood 2. In the Paleolithic painting the humans are rather simple…

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  • Cuticle Scale Patterns

    clump of hair was recovered from a murder victim who was holding onto the clump of hair. The first step is to determine the color, length, and diameter of the hair found. The shape and color intensity of pigment granules can be different if the hair has been dyed or bleached. Dyed hair has color in the cuticle and cortex; bleaching removes pigment and gives a yellow tint. Then, determine if the hair found is human hair or animal hair by checking the cuticle scale patterns. There are 3 types…

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  • Heroism In Alexander Pope's The Rape Of The Lock

    A woman puts on her armor before battle. An army of guardians defend their goddess. The enemy wounds the hero, starting a war and handicapping her for eternity. These heroic metaphors create just a dent in Alexander Pope’s satirical epic The Rape of the Lock. In reality, the woman’s armor is her makeup, the guardians are just a group of ineffectual sprites, and a lock of hair is stolen from the hero’s head, causing a trifling temper tantrum. The Rape of the Lock can be compared to Beowulf in…

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  • Carla Rice's Article: Through The Mirror Of Beauty Culture

    The particular sites of the human body that are considered to be problematic by women according to Rice are the skin, weight, hair, and the breasts. The author goes ahead and makes it clear that the debate of obesity within the North Americas is usually framed and shaped by human weight and dieting. According to her argument, the people in North America have for long been blamed for impacting the health as well as well as the fitness of the entire nation as a result of the poor eating habits.…

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  • Song Analysis Of Feeling Good, By Nina Simone

    “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flow from heaven to the soul (Monet).” Feeling good was originally written in 1965, by Nina Simone. This song has been used in the popular culture such as, “Point of No Return” and “Six Feet Under”. A song cover was later done by Jennifer Hudson in 2011, and Lauryn Hill in 2015. Although Nina Simone wrote the song, Jennifer Hudson sang it better due to melody, rhythm, and…

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