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  • The Challenges Of Constant Connectivity

    Frequently, in public places, such as stores, restaurants and shopping malls, I witness adolescents with their heads turned downward staring at a small blue screen, texting or scrolling through social media. Clearly, there is little to no interpersonal interaction occurring. Consequently, I just read a short article that young people today are experiencing and being treated for chronic neck pain due to the overuse of the neck as it is hunched over a cell phone for many hours each day. I agree with the interview in that human connection seems to be getting lost in our fast paced impersonal web of endless…

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  • Essay On Indecency

    Indecency seems to be the biggest category for debate in the field of broadcasting. What is defined as indecency? The FCC has defined broadcast indecency as "language or material that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, sexual or excretory organs or activities” (). This definition can be interpreted in many ways. This is why there is so much controversy over what is labeled as indecent and what…

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  • Civil War Journalism Essay

    The history of Journalism is something so unique to study. Media has improved in so many ways over time. Looking back to the ways people received their news, I come to realization that there are many differences. The speed of time as well as strategies taken to express information are just a few examples. The earliest methods of transmitting news was through words written, which possibly limited its content to what people took out of the message. The accuracy of what was processed depended on…

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  • Is Technology Making It Possible

    The hacking of two US satellites in 2007 and 2008 proved that with the expansion of technology there are dangers in what we do. In the newspaper article written by (Werner, Debra. 2012), suggests that hackers could 've damaged the satellite or even turned off its communication services, resulting in millions of dollars worth of damage. With this data we can comprehend that anything is conceivable with technology and the consequences it can bring. There are still numerous possibilities with…

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  • Impact Of Technology Revolution In Communication

    to further and faster communication, let communal decentralization, improve marketing and politics, be reason posting services, make the globe closer and escalate the contact between people around the world and this can cause the increase the nations’ peace, help all people from all occupation such as physicians, police, fire and emergency workers, also be significant tool for journalists, etc. (qtd. in “1870s-1940s”). Radio: James Clerk Maxwell improved the theory of electromagnetic nature of…

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  • Cultural Imperialism And Cultural Globalization

    dominated by the afore-mentioned conglomerates. Now in place, the system has its own logic. Firms must become larger and diversified to reduce risk and enhance profit-making opportunities, and they must straddle the globe so as to never be outflanked by competitors”. Subsequently, transnational media corporations turned their focus toward capturing as large a slice as possible of the vast, lucrative, and newly available Asian market. As Banerjee claims: “The deregulation and liberalization of…

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  • Raymond Williams The Role Of Television In 1975

    This is because public television gives the audience information about the rest of the world and gives the audience entertainment about real life events. In some ways, public television is more valuable to Williams because it offers educational service whether it be a cook show or the news, it educates the viewers. However, in 2017 people still see the value of public television but many people have completely gotten rid of their public television and only use commercial television such as…

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  • Media Censorship

    When it comes to corporate ownership of different media outlets, the FCC is turning a blind eye to what is happening around the country. News stations are being censored according to what the corporations want the public to see. Corporations are mainly showing American citizens news that will benefit their company’s ambitions and not thinking about how it will impact the average American. The FCC needs to stop big business from controlling the media. The government is responsible for protecting…

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  • The Importance Of Public Service In America

    controversial topics in today’s society is that should some sort of public service be required. Public service is “something that is done to help people rather than to make a profit” (Merriam-Webster). Public service is so controversial that three out of five Americans support the idea of public service being required. “Roughly three in five Republicans (58%), Democrats (61%), and Independents (58%) agree that some sort of public service should be required.”(Three in five Americans). These…

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  • Case Study: Columbia Broadcasting System

    Columbia Broadcasting System – CBS Corporation is one of the largest American media holdings and conducts its activity in the branch of mass media and the entertaining industry. The business of a direction of the Company is cable television, creation, and propagation of a television content, a film studio, publishing house, TV and radio stations, interactive media and the outdoor advertising including a network of television announcement CBS Television Network. It was founded in 1971. Leslie…

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