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  • Occupy Wall Street Meeting Analysis

    stood next to smartly attired office worker, who had apparently dropped by on a detour from their evening commute.” (Writers of the 99% 26). Despite the difference within the ever growing crowd of demonstrators the unifying factor between all of them was to preserve and respect the rights of democracy. The General Assembly meetings functioned not only as a way to speak one another’s thoughts but also provoke debate. Lasting around two hours the General Assembly meetings also formalize the upcoming day’s agendas that secure the occupation success. The occupation allowed for the public or the 99 percent to have a voice and bring awareness to political issues. The intensity of the struggle against the NYPD only mobilized the movement further. The way that public space was used to raise public opinion and debate rather than for leisure embodies the historic public sphere description of Habermas. A public sphere that…

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  • Doing Fieldwork Among The Yanomamö Analysis

    to analyze the current issue of public nudity in much of the Western world. In an article by Monica Tan, she recounts her experience visiting an art gallery nude and exploring the world of “naturism.” Tan explains that naturists are people who feel trapped by clothing and want to establish a closer connection with their natural form. This is differs from the people who she classifies as exhibitionists, or those who use nudity to be seen in a sexual way (Tan 2015). For those who are proponents of…

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  • Nudity In Ancient Greece

    idea of nudity presents a complex history and disputing views. The current society shies away from the idea of nakedness, but the Ancient Greeks sculpted naked statues with no shame. The topic of nude statues creates an environment of power from the artist’s decision of sculpting. Even the famous poet, Homer, recognizes the purpose and idea of nudity in The Odyssey. In Homer’s poem, The Odyssey, a naked Odysseus wanders around the river’s bank in Scheria, and he approaches the daughter of…

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  • Why People Wear Clothing And Group Identity

    Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner confirms this by stating that “Americans rely on clothing as an economic and social indicator…[it] helps you figure out where you fit in…[and] help[s] place us where we think we want to be” (LearnVest, 2012). Additionally, it can be said that most of society wears clothing to not just fit into specific classes, but to fit into society as a whole. To be accepted into today’s society, being modest and covered up in all the right places…

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  • Olympia Manet Analysis

    nature; they were not presented as a part of reality. Manet’s crossing of that line caused shock and outrage when his work was revealed to the public at the Salon of Paris. Instead of painting an idealized or perfect woman, Manet painted a woman who was real with flaws and a not entirely perfect body. He took his idea of reality…

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  • Gender Roles In Titian's Venus Of Urbino?

    Renaissance nudes to trace the roots of his observation. When discussing the cultural context of Renaissance paintings, Berger makes the choice not to directly spell out their connection to modern women’s self-objectification. The reader is expected to formulate many of the points implicit in the text in his or her own mind, who has just been forced to understand its thesis through their own personal experiences with the subject matter. Personally, I was able to find my own meaning in the…

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  • Sexual Dependency Exhibition Analysis

    ive seen by Nan Goldin and what I read about this exhibition. Going into MoMA, I didn’t know what to expect, I expected mostly nudity and drugs because of the big warning that was placed in the very entrance of the exhibition. It also mentioned that she was one of the many protagonists in this series of photographs and that it included more than simply nudity but rather love, loss, sex, drug use, the joy of their children and even domestic violence. This exhibition contained 700 snap-shot like…

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  • Lucy Mccormick: Play Analysis

    I stated, “You might cry, ‘What are you trying to prove?’ and I, like Ginsberg, will scream ‘nakedness’ and strip and offer you the chance to do the same“ (Jancis, 2014). Ginsberg claimed that his response to heckling resulted in his best performance of Howl (Nally, 2013). Before my show one of my peers commented “first I am going to look at your penis and then I 'm going to look at your mind” (Carrack, 2014). So far the purpose behind my nudity has not been for shock value but I am aware it…

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  • Sally Mann Analysis

    Woodward, an art critic for The New York Times, wrote an article in 1992 in response to Immediate Family called “The Disturbing Photography of Sally Mann.” In this article, Woodward stated that the nudity of the children’s photos caused problems with most publications, The Wall Street Journal had to censor 4-year-old Virginia’s photograph with black bars across her eyes, breasts, and genitals to run her photo. Woodward also questions in his article in The Times that, as their mother how could…

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  • Maybelline Advertising Controversy

    “The average American is exposed to at least three thousand ads every day and will spend three years of his or her life watching television commercials. Advertising makes up about 70 percent of our newspapers and 40 percent of our mail” (Kilbourne 90). Whether society realizes it or not, ads continue to influence people everywhere they go and every day of their lives. These ads affect how people see themselves and what they choose to purchase so that they can look better in society’s eyes and…

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