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  • The Ethical Effects Of Lobotomy

    Larry Gostin addresses the many unethical justifications doctors have so they can continue to perform lobotomies on mental patients. Gostin discredits psychosurgery (surgical treatment for the chronically ill) as an efficient procedure that helps patients. He addresses the risks patients go through as a result of the way of practice of lobotomy is run. With continuous modifications to the procedure, there is no definite way of performing a lobotomy, leaving lobotomy to be more prone to mistakes, and the mistake of adopting lobotomy surgeries and performing them when little was known about the brain in the 1940 's. Gostin 's article confronts the medical community for using lobotomy procedures, "where many holes lie in the foundation of the surgery and the practice of it "(149). This article will be helpful for my literary review because although it addresses all the negative points surrounding lobotomy…

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  • Case: The Curious Case Of Phineas Gage

    The Curious Case of Phineas Gage Phineas Gage is among one of the earliest known survivors of a major brain injury. Gage’s brain was severely injured upon working on a railroad near the town of Cavendish, Vermont. With the occurrence of the injury, Gage should have experienced not only major bodily damage, but also severe mental complications. After the incident, Gage barely escaped death, struggling to survive with a large hole in his head. This wasn’t the only issue observed with Gage after…

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  • Psychosurgery Vs Self Esteem Essay

    The definition of Psychosurgery is “Psychosurgery involves severing or otherwise disabling areas of the brain to treat a personality disorder, behavior disorder, or other mental illness. Modern psychosurgical techniques target the pathways between the limbic system (the portion of the brain on the inner edge of the cerebral cortex) that is believed to regulate emotions, and the frontal cortex, where thought processes are seated. Psychosurgery is a general name for any surgery that is performed…

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  • Psychodynamic Therapy Analysis

    Insight therapies are approaches to psychotherapy based on the notion that psychological we'll-being depends on self-understanding. Psychodynamic therapies are psychotherapies that attempt to uncover repressed childhood experiences that are thought to cause the patient's current problems. Psychoanalysis is a technique developed by Freud. Transference is an emotional reaction that occurs during the psychoanalysis, in which the patient displays feelings and attitudes toward the analyst that were…

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  • Lobotomy In The 19th Century

    cognitive impairment. The development of psychosurgery offered a solution to the lack of therapeutic interventions for the mentally ill, although looking back on the treatment, many faults can be noticed. However, using a historical lens, the use of lobotomy can be better understood, along with the reasons for its eventual decline. The emergence of lobotomy as a therapeutic solution for mental illness can be more clearly understood by putting it into the historical context of the early…

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  • Tourette's Syndrome Case Study

    therapy is essential in the management of these symptoms. Some combinations include nicotine and haloperidol, pergolide and clonidine. Some studies have demonstrated the safe combination of haloperidol, clonazepam and tiapride. Some uncommon treatment modalities include the use of laser therapy, hormonal therapy, acupuncture and psychosurgery (Huys, Herndancke, Poppe, Baske, & Kuhn, 2012). In conclusion, Tourette’s syndrome is a condition that affects some children in various parts of the…

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  • Stowers V. Wolodzko: Case Study

    Wolodzko did was false imprisonment because there was no reason why she was not allowed to make a phone call to an attorney. Dr. Wolodzko violated Mrs. Stowers freedom of speech and freedom of thought since she was forced to take medication after refusing it. However, it is not until the case Washington v. Harper that the Supreme Court will begin to enact this ruling of the right to refuse medication. “Although the Court has never considered the application of the first amendment in the context…

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  • Morality In Health Care Essay

    (5). This present good issues with respect to kin transplants since it disregards the standards in regards to good practices. Notwithstanding the way that this technique helps in lightening the torment experienced by the patients, the peril of each Fanconi patients will make diverse sorts of tumor. Since more advances may be created for this circumstance, it goes the same for pill popping as delineated in Slater 's article. Exactly when using drugs, it is turning the brain in ways that are more…

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  • Mental Illness: A Psychological Analysis

    this form of treatment, patients were shocked into seizures to relieve mental illness (Foerschner). This was often not the case, and resulted in either death or more severe conditions caused by brain damage (Foerschner). Patients were treated three times a week until they reached a dozen sessions on average, changing slightly in individual cases where less may have seemed to suffice, and more had been needed to ‘do the job’ (Foerschner). Side effects of electroconvulsive therapy would be amnesia…

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  • Biological Model Of Abnormal Behavior

    have learned that these disordes can be linked to the problem in the transmission of messages from neuron to neuron. Somewhere, somehow, a message is not getting across clearly. Not to mention, we also have hormones that are constantly going through every part of our bodies, and at different times, the amount of hormones can go up or down, instigating something (Comer, 2014). From the biological aspect of a disorders, there are certain treatments. The tree types that are offered today are…

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