Informative Essay On Psychedelic Drugs

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Throughout history the US media has unfairly portrayed psychedelic drugs, the counterculture, and philosophies behind them. Psychedelic drugs have been not only misportrayed and lied about, but the work of many successful scientists has been ignored because of the bad stigma behind psychedelic drugs. We will explore how psychedelic drugs can benefit society and help many people. Only until the psychedelic renaissance, present day, has some of the media started seeing psychedelic culture for what is really is. The discovery of Lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, by Dr. Albert Hofmann began a new type of counterculture in the US. The younger generations started to take part in this new drug called LSD, which wasn’t viewed as harmful at the time. Time Magazine even …show more content…
He was once called “America’s most dangerous person”, by Richard Nixon. Leary debated with Professor Jerome Lettvin at MIT about LSD. Leary begins the debate with an example of an anti-drug PSA. He states that an unnamed chemical is highly addictive. That once one starts to use this drug, they are addicted for their entire life. He goes on to say that it’s so addictive that if one stops ingesting this chemical one will die from withdrawal. Then he explains that if one ingests too much of this drug the symptoms may be Excessive sweating, Excessive urination, Bloated feeling, Nausea, Vomiting, Electrolyte imbalance, and possibly death. Leary ends this PSA by uncovering what this drug is, water. This shows how easy it is the make something as harmless as water look dangerous. He then argues this is what the government does with LSD. This argument is very unique and eye opening since it shows how easy it is to fool a person if you only give them one sided information. Now knowing what Leary’s ideas are one may see how he was very dangerous for conservative and corporate

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