Psychiatric and mental health nursing

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  • Psychiatric Nurse Personal Statement

    Requirements In the path of attaining a position as a psychiatric-mental health nurse, discussed in depth are the education requirements and credentials necessary in both entry level and advanced positions within the field. According to the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (2015), the initial step one must take that is fundamental to becoming a psychiatric nurse is to graduate from an accredited program as a registered nurse. While there are several options regarding the educational requirements for entry-level positions, the two most prominent paths taken by students include obtaining a two year associate 's degree, or the more frequently recommended four year bachelor’s degree in nursing. After acquiring required state licensure as a registered nurse, individuals interested in psychiatric-mental health nursing are now eligible to begin their pursuit for further certification in the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Psychiatric Nurse

    Advantages and Disadvantages Within the context of the requirements and education needed in becoming a psychiatric-mental health nurse, it is imperative to analyze the advantages and disadvantages that concurrently arise with the necessary prerequisites in achieving this goal. A large advantage in relation to the basic requirements of becoming a psychiatric-mental health nurse are the various paths one can take in acquiring a degree. Whether it be an associate’s, a bachelor’s, or a diploma in…

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  • Psychiatric Nurse Application Essay

    myself, was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Her manic state was confusing and devastating to my family. Although my mother was living, I felt that I had lost her. That all changed, however, when she was admitted to the University of North Carolina Neurosciences Hospital. Witnessing her transformation towards mental stability with the help of UNC Psychiatry remain some of my most vivid memories. I had always dreamt of becoming a nurse just like my mother, but it was during this equally trying…

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  • Self Mutilation In Nursing

    Introduction Self-mutilation is a commonly misunderstood and stigmatized area not only in nursing, but also in society as a whole. Nurses are accustomed to providing care for clients who have been admitted to the hospital due to a physical illness that was not directly brought on by actions of the individual, so when interacting with a client who has intentionally injured themselves, nurses may face moral and ethical dilemmas in providing them with care. According the Cornell Research Program…

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  • Emerging Nursing Issues

    With the rapid changes in health care, there is always something to be learned. There are always new methods to improve the standards of care for our patients, and there are always down falls to the system. It is important to stay up to date on both the good and the bad in order to mold the field of nursing into one of integrity and respect. This applies to every discipline of nursing practice, especially those who work in mental health nursing. This is why I have chosen to research and learn…

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  • The Tidal Model Analysis

    “Life is a journey undertaken on an ocean of experience. All human development, including the experience of illness and health, involves discoveries made on the journey across that ocean of experience” (Barker, 2001a, p. 235). The Tidal Model theory was developed around water as its core metaphor, theorizing that human experiences, like water, are constantly in motion and always unpredictable (Barker, 2001a). Water resembles a force that can work against a person when in crisis by damaging…

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  • Concept Of Comfort Analysis

    Analysis of the Concept of Comfort The purpose of this paper is to present an analysis of the concept of comfort using content delineated by Chinn and Kramer (2015, pp. 158-178). In doing so, I will provide a context for the concept of comfort, including how my nursing worldview shapes my view of comfort; examine how technology has impacted comfort, and explain the need to understand the concept of comfort in greater detail as it relates to nursing. Further, I will examine the use of terms…

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  • Nursing Career Aspirations

    It was my dream to enter college with the end goal of obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing to become a nurse. I have completed this first step by beginning my college career at UNC Charlotte. Upon entering UNC Charlotte as a freshman in the pre-nursing program, it has been both intimidating and difficult; however, I have learned a lot about myself and how to be successful in both college and my career. I have also learned an abundance of information about what it will take for me to…

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  • Mental Health Nurse Reflection Essay

    This narrative is a reflection on my development as a health care professional. I will ponder on the start of my mental health nursing programme, my fears and feelings on commencing my training. I will reflect on the skills I had when I began my study, the skills I have learnt since I started training and the skills I will need to learn to develop as a capable healthcare professional. I will include an action plan on how I should be able to acquire the skills I need to improve my learning…

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  • Stigma In Psychiatric Nursing

    recovery requires mental health services to develop resources that represent not only their own resources, but the developed resources of people with mental illness and their communities. Recovery can impact people when they take an active role to improving their lives, (O’Hagan 2003). Seymour (n.d) also suggests that consumers of mental health and their families can expect agencies to operate in a way that enables support towards recovery to maintain their well being, so that consumers can…

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