Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Psychiatric Nurse

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Advantages and Disadvantages
Within the context of the requirements and education needed in becoming a psychiatric-mental health nurse, it is imperative to analyze the advantages and disadvantages that concurrently arise with the necessary prerequisites in achieving this goal. A large advantage in relation to the basic requirements of becoming a psychiatric-mental health nurse are the various paths one can take in acquiring a degree. Whether it be an associate’s, a bachelor’s, or a diploma in nursing, (Nursing World, n.d.) individuals from all backgrounds and phases in life are given equal opportunities in pursuing a career in this profession, thus creating a diverse and flourishing environment for both the patients and nursing colleagues involved in the practice setting. Another favorable aspect in becoming a psychiatric nurse involves the
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Although it is understood that psychiatric nurses must be well educated and extremely knowledgeable in the profession so as to properly care for their patients, psychiatric clinics and other practice settings should provide financial assistance or a flexibility in schedule in order to support those looking to become advanced practice registered nurses. The prospective disadvantages that arise in relation to acquiring a higher degree in psychiatric-mental health nursing can also pertain to the mandated certification process of renewing one’s credentials every five years. Despite the benefits this may have on the advancement of nurses in the specialty and the profession itself, if an individual lacks the particular resources needed in completing the professional development activities and the other surrounding requirements, they would not be able to renew their credentials and could potentially lose their position at their place of employment. Additionally, these specific requirements could be a probable factor in the nation’s nursing shortage--not only in psychiatric-mental health nursing, but

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