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Literature Review Related to The Nurse Residency Program (NRP) at Meridian Healthcare System: Transition from Novice to Expert
Evidence-Based Literature
For the new graduate nurses, the initial years of employment are an important period that determines whether they will transition from being a novice nurse to being an expert, or even a competent staff nurse. This period is also characterized by adjustment or high stress, which are factors that determine whether an individual will quit or remain entirely in the nursing profession (Berman, Johnson & West, 2014). Most new graduate nursing students experience a feeling of shock, immediately after they face the reality of their expectations not being met (Gopan, 2015). In addition, many challenges
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According to Benner, regardless of the quality of nursing education and training, it is impossible to achieve adequate knowledge and skills needed to begin acting as a professional nurse during the period that one is a student. The Nurse Residency Programs are systematically designed and structured to meet the needs or requirements of new nurses entering the nursing profession (Gopan, 2015). According to research, structured and formal residencies have been proven to increase the probability of the new nurses staying in the profession (Gobet and Chassy, 2008). Besides, most of the health care institutions that have had residencies, have made significant reports of positive cultural transformation in the entire nursing division (Valdez, 2008). The American Association of Colleges of Nursing, University Health System Consortium, Versant RN Residency and Nurse Residency Programs are some of the residency institutions, which have shown significant efforts in offering structured guidelines and training to assist new graduates to transit from novice to experts in regards to the nursing profession (Valdez, …show more content…
In addition, many of the critical care nurses are retiring and by doing so, they generate more demand for critical care nurses. Many of the health care delivery institutions faces difficulties with hiring experienced nurses and they are forced to hire new graduate nurses with inadequate experience in the profession (Welding, 2011). As a result of this challenge, it is important to implement well designed NRP that will assist the new graduate nurses in their transition to become an expert. Nurse educators that are responsible for the implementation of NRPs need to utilize the evidence-based practice (EBP) literature review on new graduate transition. The literature should focus on: socialization and professionalism; adjustment and experience during the transition; special programs needed to meet the transitional demands; graduate perception in regards to competence; and role of conception and discrepancy. In conclusion, utilization of EBP in designing curriculum for NRPs will assist nurse educators in addressing various issues facing the program and will provide steps that have to be taken to improve the rate of retention as well as lower the high turnover

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