Differences In Nursing Research

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Being a nurse brings high achievement and self-actualization, embrace the high position of society as well as better compensation. In the United States, there are several programs designed for nursing education to become RNs. The majority of nurses selects two major ways in order to qualify the NCLEX-RN licensure examination, associate-degree and baccalaureate-degree program. In length, an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) takes about 2 years to reach the required credits while a Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BSN) needs approximate 4 academic years to complete. In this essay I am going to discuss the diversities between ADN prepared nurses and BSN prepared nurses and provide an example of how do they play their role in nursing care. …show more content…
The vital difference between ADN and BSN is not only independence but also coordination. When BSN nurses encounter straits, they utilize their critical thinking to analyze as well as overcome them; on the other hand, when AND nurses have same issues, they usually seek out other people for assistance. Baccalaureate degree nurses have been delegated to receive more leadership and management curriculum which is not only limited in nursing skills and the foundation so they have more intelligence in organizational skill, judgment, communication as well as critical thinking. Nurses with bachelor degree have more adjustment to deal with varied, changeable or complex urgent or critical care. According to GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY website (2016), " The BS in nursing coursework helps you gain a comprehensive view of patient care principles to help you strengthen your ability to care for patients, take on more responsibilities in a hospital or healthcare organization". The baccalaureate program is re-education and elongation of nursing which is designed for ambitious …show more content…
The charge nurse furnished the holistic nursing care and comprehensive treatment plan so she avoided unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes and improve the Nursing-Patient relationship. The patient also complied with all his treatment as well as participated in his plan of care without arguments.

In conclusion, pursue to be a nurse you can through the ADN and BSN program to acquire your
RN license, but The ADN program is only equipped with the basic knowledge of nursing care and skills. The BSN program advances your ability in management and leadership, as well as your field of view of nursing so you can face a different tomorrow of nursing. It not only means high quality care, but also self-realization. According to American Association of College of
Nursing website (2016), " today’s nurses are expected to master an increasingly complex body of knowledge and attain clinical skills to effectively provide lifesaving and life-sustaining services“.
This trend of nursing alters our demand for education and in order to meet the criteria, continuous education is sine qua non. Education is empowerment, build the regulations of nursing and make you possess confidence and

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