The Pros And Cons Of The Nursing Shortage

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The nursing shortage is a crisis that has been rumored for years. Unfortunately, there are many truths to this rumor and every nurse has been affected by this shortage at some point in their career. Just in recent decades, the economy had led to the nursing shortage. The nursing shortage needs nursing programs and hospital programs to augment and graduate competent registered nurses that can step into the registered nurse role. All nurses need to join and support the American Nurses Association and other nursing groups so that those groups can go in front of our Legislatures, and get Bills passed to mandate overtime so that nurses are not exhausted and can give competent patient care.

The Nursing Shortage
In conclusion, the nursing
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Unfortunately, this causes animosity between the experience registered nurse against the newly graduated nurse who has not had the time to gain some experience in the nursing field as a registered nurse. Locally, The Medical Center has a program, that is called the Registered Nurse Applicant program. In this program, a newly graduated nurse is interviewed and put with a preceptor on a floor usually a medical surgical floor that provides more experience. The new graduate stays with this preceptor for a year or until the preceptor recognizes that the new graduate is proficient enough to work independently. Then the new nurse has the opportunity to move to another floor to work on. This individual program puts nurses to work, but also gives the new graduated nurse the opportunity to gain experience when otherwise the new graduate may not have not been hired at all. This also raises a question about how well do nursing programs prepare the student of the reality of the nursing field. A realistic job preview is one way to see how and if the new graduate is prepared for this nursing position. This preview gives provided information to a prospective employee or a new hire about the realities, both positive and negative, associated with being part of the organization performing the work at hand (Crow, Hartman, & McLendon, 2009, p. 317). Facilities spend money to hire and orient employees with the expectation that one will stay with the company for long-term employment. Nursing turnover is also a contribution to the nursing shortage in the time it takes to orient a person and get them on the floor to actually work could be a matter of weeks to months. If that employee leaves, then that was wasted time and the hiring process starts over. This realistic job preview is where the prospective employee and future employee can have a candid conversation about what is expected and

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