Nursing's Impact On Patient Care

The proposed bill will not only benefit healthcare in a positive way, but will greatly impact patients as well. First, patients will get the help they need, and will less likely be readmitted to an inpatient facility. As a result, the overall cost that a healthcare organization would have to pay for hospitalization would be decreased. Secondly, patients will receive further care by having an on-call case manager on standby if needed. By having someone on call twenty-four hours a day, the patient would less likely go to the emergency department seeking assistance. This would reduce the wait time for other patient’s needing emergency services, and would assist them in getting faster and more efficient care. And lastly, disease progression …show more content…
Impact on Nursing Practice
Every nurse will face a patient who is mentally ill in their professional lifetime. Therefore, nursing practice will be greatly impacted if the proposed bill passes. One way a nurse will be impacted is through competent assessment skills. Nurses play a remarkable role in mental health through observation and assessment (Hughes & Bamford, 2011). Observing and assessing mental health needs of an individual provides adequate information on proper care for the person, and serves as the first element in observing changes in one’s behavior. Furthermore, the nurse must be competent in assessment skills so the outcome can be reported immediately if there is a threat to safety. Safety is a major concern when serving a mentally ill patient. Learning how to effectively communicate with a patient not only establishes rapport, but builds a trustworthy relationship. Another way professional nurses will be impacted if the bill passes is through education. Education is critical and must be provided to nurses in order to broaden their understanding of mental illness. It is imperative that nurses educate the individual and family members about the
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35). Millions of Americans have been affected by this disease, and the number of people with mental health issues in Kentucky are rising. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the state of Kentucky take on a more proactive role in understanding mental illness. The proposed Kentucky bill HB 94 (BR-14) filed by Burch, Marzian, Flood, Brown, Palumbo, Smart, and Belcher is essential when implementing measures to ensure a healthy environment for mentally ill individuals. The author is very supportive and in favor of the proposed bill, considering the patient will still get the proper treatment they need, just in a different environment. The individual will be more empowered with decision making, as well as develop the essential skills needed to manage their illness. However, ongoing assessment and follow-up appointments will be needed to address any concerns deemed necessary when deciding the health status of a patient. Safety is a major concern when nurses are involved. Therefore, providing education on safety measures is of great value for nurses and families, and provide effective tips on ways to stay safe when caring for the mentally ill. If the proposed bill passes the legislative process, it will give patients more freedom and a positive outlook of life, which is necessary for their mental well-being. That is reason enough to initiate the bill, and why the author is highly

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