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  • Psychiatrist Career Essay

    In the 1950's Psychiatrist made a huge improvement. They began to use medication as treatments. The first step into becoming a Psychiatrist is understanding the concept of what they do. Psychiatrists’ are known as Medical Doctors (M.D.s). A Psychiatrist' job is to help and attend to those with psychological issues. This is the job I will be job shadowing. I have always been intrigued by the career because their main goal is to help patients out of their dark place. As I mentioned before, Psychiatrists' perceiver to better someone's mental health. Psychiatrist' are required to have exceeding social skills, listening skills and dedication. I have always been the one to advise my friends when they are confronted with an issue. Something I would have to prepare for is receiving immense problems and unraveling difficult explanations. I would have to learn how to stay unstressed because I would have to work 40 hours a week with patients. When someone is going through a crisis, there are only so many ways to solve it without making both you and your…

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  • Should General Practitioners Be Able To Describe Psychiatric Medication?

    When we are ill, we trust our General Practitioners to provide the best treatment available. Doctors take care of all our general healthcare needs. If they do not have the capacity to treat us, we trust to be referred to a specialist that handles our specific needs. This is especially true when the main concern is our children’s mental health. Unfortunately, it has become much more common to get a psychiatric prescription from a primary doctor than from a Psychiatrist; The correct treatment or…

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  • The Importance Of Psychiatrists

    and gives off some sort of unrealistic idea of how you should look and act everyday. As you see an increase in social media in peoples everyday lives, the need of psychiatrists will also expand. In today’s society some people will experience these problems and might think they can handle it well by their own guidance. In other cases, however, people have disorders that are not such simple problems that require additional help from psychiatrists. Psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in the…

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  • Being A Psychiatrist Essay

    When I was younger I wanted to be many different things like a teacher, a veterinarian, a model and about everything else a little girl could want to be. After researching the right career for me I stumbled upon being a psychiatrist, after I looked into it I knew it was the right career for me.I chose this career because I love helping people, and being a psychiatrist is all about helping people. One of the main skills required for this job is listening and I am a great listener. In psychiatry…

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  • Forensic Psychiatrist Essay

    A forensic psychiatrist is used for the assessment and treatment of mentally disordered offenders in prisons, secure hospitals, and in the community. These people are trained to be medical doctors and they can prescribe medications. They have to learn how to properly diagnose, understand, and treat mental disorders. One part of their job description is to be an expert witness. They are responsible for the evaluation of facts and mental state of the defended. Some of the specific disorders they…

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  • Essay On Outpatient Psychiatrist

    Geriatric Psychiatry fellowship because of my special affinity with elderly and my interest in the integration of both Medicine and Psychiatry was appealing to my intellectual challenge. Since I complete my training, I have been practicing in varieties of setting. To satisfy my Visa requirement, I spent 3 years working with the chronically mentally ill homeless patients both as an outpatient psychiatrist and also worked with them as part of the case management teams. That was my first…

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  • Geriatric Psychiatrist Case Study

    My role as Geriatric Psychiatrist, providing care in the general hospital, also enables me to see other aspects of our health care system. Recently, our hospital announced the closing of Geriatric Assessment Clinic due to it’s financial return or lack there of. This is the place where we could refer the Geriatric patients with complex issues that required the team of different disciplines to figure out how to best care for those particular patients. There is no incentive to provide care for the…

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  • Difference Between Psychiatrist And Physiatrist

    relationship, whether it would be personal or professional. However, as a psychologist or psychiatrist, confidentiality, competence, and the mutual consent between the recipient and the doctor is essential. This delicate balance between these two groups is imperative to provide the most assistance to the client. The possibility of a professional medical practitioner taking advantage of a vulnerable patient is always considered in this practice. Clinical psychology in practice, raises concern due…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As A Psychiatrist

    Being a psychiatrist is more than just diagnosing people with their personal turmoils, such as “crazy” or “disturbed “, and handing them a pill for a “quick fix”. Psychiatrists need to know how to treat different patients, whether that be handing them a certain pill for maybe depression or anxiety along with some counseling, or just being someone for them to confide in and trust. A psychiatrist has to be able to put a lot of time into their job due to having a lot of responsibilities, and being…

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  • Research Paper On Being A Successful Psychiatrist

    Successful Psychiatrist I always think that people mind is complicated. It is hard to know what they are thinking, even what do they feel at that time. We cannot say what do they like or dislike. It is like a system that has many mechanisms. It might sounds complicated but I think it is interested. So I search on an Internet and found one career, which seems to know about people mind well, a psychiatrist. According to Wikipedia, psychiatrist is physician who majored in psychiatry. They…

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