A Reflection On My Development As A Health Care Professional Essay

1269 Words Jan 17th, 2015 6 Pages
This narrative is a reflection on my development as a health care professional. I will ponder on the start of my mental health nursing programme, my fears and feelings on commencing my training. I will reflect on the skills I had when I began my study, the skills I have learnt since I started training and the skills I will need to learn to develop as a capable healthcare professional. I will include an action plan on how I should be able to acquire the skills I need to improve my learning experience and that are essential to my becoming a competent mental health Nurse. When I was offered admission to study mental health nursing I was overjoyed and at the same time nervous. I grew up in West Africa where I went to primary and secondary school. Although I was taught acceptably I realised that in all my years in primary and secondary school we barely wrote essays. My daughter who is 7 and is in primary school in London regularly comes home with homework in which she is asked to write essay about her activities at weekend or essay about her holiday. I did not have these academic experiences growing up and having English as a second language I have been able to perceive that the standard of my academic writing is not very high. I discussed my concern with my programme tutor and I was advised to access the Learning support unit which I did. I also accessed the graduate skills website and I have been given appointments to attend the Academic writing workshops. When we first…

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