Nursing Reflection And Analysis

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The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council defines the enrolled nurse (EN) as, an associate to the registered nurse who demonstrates competence in the provision of patient-centred care as specified by the registering authority’s license to practice, educational preparation and context of care (Monash, 2013). As the enrolled nursing is on an on-going learning career, critical thinking, reflection and analysis are vital criteria that a nurse should concern during her duties and studies. Mainly these three points are significant to deliver a quality patient-centred care. Because some nurses that have been learnt these criteria are not applying in their clinical practice. Critical thinking helps ENs to make judgments related to client’s human …show more content…
Critical thinking involves identifying the problem, determining the solution and the best way to reach that solution. So a person who thinks critically concern about an event that was it effective and might have done in a better way. However as a nurse, should have the ability to make clear and correct decisions even at an immediate situation. Therefore it is vital to develop those skills in nurse’s education where some critical thinking skills come naturally. For instance when a nurse undergoing with a treatment of patient, wound treatment nurses are able to make instant decisions under pressure. How it can be improved. For example, when someone has to choose the best answer of the question within the time limit in an examination, person should think the reason to select the most relevant answer. This is an equal moment when undergoing a treatment of the patient. In both situation decisions are made within high pressure and has to be the best outcome. In nursing, critical thinkers need to be, precise, complete, logical, accurate, and clear and fair (Wilson.B, 2015). Critical thinking ability according to Simpson and Courtney (2002) consist of two main aspects: cognitive skills such as interpretation, analysis, inference, explanation, evaluation and self-regulation as well as affective dispositions such as open-mindedness, truth seeking and self-confidence. Basically, …show more content…
Therefore, the habit of analysis is highly important for revisit missed nursing care and take preventive actions to ensure the same mistake will not repeat. The main steps of analysis process is gathering the exact, relevant information about a missed or overused event, defining /clarifying that information, identifying the root causes and giving recommendations/solutions to prevent reoccurrence. Registered nurses are very valuable resource personals for ENs to learn about performing correct practices and understanding root causes of any missed event. At the same time, though enrolled nurses work under the supervision and direction of RNs, they are individually accountable of their own actions on patient care. Therefore it is obvious, similar to critical thinking and reflection skills analytical view also play a vital role in providing care by ENs. Analysing helps to understand what, how and why the missed event occurs. In addition, it prevents the recurrence of that type of phenomenon in future. For example, imagine a nurse has to monitor blood pressure and pulse of an unconscious patient, in frequent, periodical manner and nurse found gross deviation of those parameters from normal. Then nurse has to give specific, strong medications to this unconscious patient who can’t complaint anyhow. If the nurse missed the medication, the patient might end up with coma stage. In

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