London Buttars Etienne Neighbours's Successful Career

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London Buttars Etienne Provost 3rd period Etienne Provost was born on December 21, 1785. He was born in Chambly, Quebec. Provost was called “The Man of The Mountains” by his fellow trappers. He was also one of the most knowledgeable and successful of the mountain men. Provost had bad times, but was very skillful. There are no photos of Provost, but in a painting he appears short, fat, and round. Provost does not have a wide recognition. He helped guide John James Audubon. On two of his expeditions, he was imprisoned by the Spanish. One time he was held captive for forty-eight days and his equipment and supplies were confiscated. One time Provost ran into the chief of Shoshone, “Bad Gocha.” He told them it was bad luck to have metallic objects

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