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  • Essay On Personal Distance

    Personal distance is a concept associated with proxemics. Personal distance has both a close phase and a far phase, but this paper will be focusing on the close phase. Personal distance is defined as the consistent space between two communicators, having no physical contact with each other (Hall, 1966). Edward Hall (1966) states, “It might be thought of as a small protective sphere or bubble that an organism maintains between itself and others” (p. 119). Hall (1966) claimed that the proxemics zone of personal distance of the close phase is between one and a half to two and a half feet. He describes this distance as one being able to touch another, but it is not close enough to be considered intimate space (Hall, 1966). In a close phase, viewing…

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  • Non Verbal Communication

    There is a phrase often heard by many that states “Actions speak louder than words.” As stated by Mokhtari (2013) “93% of the communication is actually made of non verbal communication.” This is true for many situations from personal happenstance to professional encounters. Non-verbal communication is an important aspect in every culture even though it varies from place to place. Three of the main variables to non-verbal communication are proxemics, posture, and objects. These variables have…

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  • Observation Of Interpersonal Interaction

    eyes and smiles because it seems that they were all happy to be there and most of all, happy to see each other. There were numerous haptics throughout the night, but they were all so subtle that it was hard to catch every single one. Some that I can recall were the greetings of hugs and friendly handshakes. Of course the girls did most of the hugging while the guys had their own little handshake for one another. Some of the couples came in holding hands until they went their separate ways with…

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  • Chipotle Observation

    that they were paying attention to what the other person had to say by keeping eye contact. They are very emotional while they talk, nor are they in close proxemics of each other, nonetheless they seem as though they care deeply for each other. They are patient with each other because only one of them spoke at a time. The two of them genuinely seem to care about what their spouse had to say. More importantly, they seem like a simple couple. They are casually dressed, are not eating at a fancy…

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  • Closeness And Proxemics

    Closeness or Personal Space (Proxemics) Each culture, and even within cultures in terms of rural and urban living, has different levels of physical closeness appropriate to different types of relationship, and individuals learn these distances from the society in which they grew up. In today's multicultural society, it is important to consider the range of non-verbal codes as expressed in different ethnic groups. When someone violates an 'appropriate' distance, people may feel uncomfortable or…

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  • Conflict Resolution Styles

    Name the eight types of non-verbal communication. Explain each in detail, including a personal example of each type. The eight types of non-verbal communication are kinesics, oculesics, proxemics, haptics, chronemics, olfactics, vocalics, and artifacts. Kinesics refers to nonverbal behaviors related to the movement of the body. This includes gestures which are physical movements used to convey a message. Gesture examples are smiles, frowns, grimace, open arms, furrowed brow, tapping fingers.…

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  • Proximity Portion Of Nonverbal Communication

    Nonverbal communication is more important than you would ever imagine. This type of communication can vary from facial expressions all the way to touch. According to the book, “Nonverbal communication also influences how individuals interpret messages, especially those related to feelings, moods, and attitudes.” If you are upset with a friend, family member, or significant other it is very unlikely that you are going to tell that person. You would keep your distance from that person and probably…

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  • The Five Types Of Non-Verbal Communication

    That 's the phrase most commonly used by places to greet you for coming in to their business. As a consumer or customer, you will feel welcomed if the person genuinely smiles at you, however if the person looks more serious you will most likely get the vibe that you are better of going directly to what you need and leave. This kind of facial expressions and tone of voice are examples of non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is communication without words which involves your body…

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  • Nonverbal Communication Challenges Essay

    I will be talking about what kind of nonverbal communication challenges I find in my communication experience. I will also discuss the challenges. I will be telling how I plan on improving these behaviors and tendencies. I will explain how I experience these challenges. I picked eye-contact, tone of voice, and facial expressions. I wanted to explain how I can changes these three challenges that I picked. When it comes down to eye-contact, tone of voice, and facial expressions I barely do not do…

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  • Verbal Communication: Principle For A Lifetime

    Everyone, everywhere, at any time is communicating in some way. Verbal communication is the most widely recognized form, but an individual can speak volumes without ever opening their mouth, through nonverbal communication. In the textbook Communication: Principle for a Lifetime, Steven Beebe, Susan Beebe, and Diana Ivy give tips on how to deliver a memorable speech that utilizes effective communication. I will also analyze my classmates’ speeches to exemplify devices that make a speech…

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