The Five Types Of Non-Verbal Communication

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That 's the phrase most commonly used by places to greet you for coming in to their business. As a consumer or customer, you will feel welcomed if the person genuinely smiles at you, however if the person looks more serious you will most likely get the vibe that you are better of going directly to what you need and leave. This kind of facial expressions and tone of voice are examples of non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is communication without words which involves your body movements such as gesture, posture, facial expressions, eye contact and many others. The study of this body movements or behavior is called kinesics. There are five types of kinesics : emblems, illustrators, regulators, adaptors and affect displays.

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Illustrators are gestures that compliment or illustrate the verbal message that is being mentioned. An example of that was when the customer first walked in, jokingly he told Kassandra that his daughter wanted that iPhone that had come out that was this big, and he followed his words by expanding his hands almost the size of a book. This told Kassandra that the teenager wanted the iPhone 6s Plus not the regular size. Kassandra then asked them to walk to the iPhone section and pointed to the device asking the customer and the teenage girl if that was the phone he mentioned she wanted. They then started structuring the conversation by taking turn-taking cues to know what color they wanted the phone and how many gigabytes of internal memory was wanted. The teenager nodded that a 16 gigabytes was fine, by doing so her nod was an example of a regulator. Regulators are gestures that may prolong or terminate a conversation. In this case, the nod ended the discussion about memory space for the iPhone and Kassandra went to pick up the customers iPhone. When she came back she asked the teenage girl if she wanted her information transferred. When the girls dad asked how long it would take, he then looked at his watch with a concerned face. Kassandra offered to show the teenage girl how to transfer information but she nodded from side to side saying not to worry she knew how to do so. By this motions she gave another regulator and …show more content…
I saw a pair of twins bouncing when a their parents bought them each iPad minis. Bouncing was their way of telling their mom and dad how excited and happy they were for their new acquisition. I saw many customers frown when they saw their bill had increased and they had no knowledge as to why it was higher. It is very understandable that the customers did not like to find out they have to pay more money than what they are used to. I saw many smiles from customers that got new phones or got issues resolved. When the customers smiled they showed the were pleased with what they got or the serviced they received. I saw a girl pout her face at her parents because she wanted the new Samsung phone and her parents did not have the down payment to buy her the phone. This observations made me realize how much non verbal communication is used, not only that but it also adds flavor to the conversation. I realized how boring and dry a conversation would be if we did not have all this other ways to

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