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  • Kolbe

    lived out the seven virtues, he obviously lived out the mother-virtue of prudence. St. Maximilian Kolbe was an exemplar of prudence, the charioteer of the virtues. First off, one needs to know what prudence is to discuss how St. Kolbe lived out the…

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  • The Golden Rule Summary

    commitment, truthfulness, justice, and courage must be displayed by the client for the therapist to help. Doherty explains and gives examples of how he used morality to help his clients and others involved with the clients. In the book, he talked about the married couple coming in for therapy because they were contemplating divorce. Doherty used the client’s virtue of a commitment to help the client save the marriage. Courage, caring, and prudence are three virtues therapist must have and…

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  • Nicomachean Ethics Case Study

    ads against her opponent would be a bad idea. She would gain no type of happiness by committing this action and would miss her virtues of character completely. This means that instead of making a moderate action that would lead to nurturing her virtues of character she would make an extreme action that would lead to a deficiency or excess of a virtue. To be happy and properly lead a nation, the candidate must be prudent. Prudence means “grasping the truth, involving reason, concerned with…

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  • Cicero's Tusculan Disputations

    The Stoic view that one must endure pain, or transcend pain to gain pleasure lines up with the belief that is held today. For instance, the saying “no pain no gain,” states exactly what Cicero and Stoics believe. Furthermore, there is the belief that nothing good comes easy, so if you want something good you must be willing to endure pain and turmoil for a while to come out on the other side. Cicero’s two arguments about the wise man and the need for total self-control to gain happiness…

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  • The Four Cardinal Virtue In The Republic By Socrates

    Numerous eminent philosophers and philosophic theories have existed in the history of Philosophy, but not everyone received immense attention nor fame. Socrates is one of the few philosophers, whose philosophy and its influence became widely recognized and credited. Socrates’ contribution to individuals and moreover to the world is beyond exceptional, and in fact, he is the very person who motivated and inspired many individuals to start contemplating on ideas that they did not think much of…

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  • Gary Alan Scott Socrates Education Analysis

    The great philosopher Socrates is all about teaching and growing as a student, thus he has a lot to teach. In everything he does he has a lesson that can be learned. Some of the things Socrates touches on include: the four virtues, the natural formation of classes, as well as when education begins In Gary Alan Scott’s book, “Plato’s Socrates as Educator” Scott states, “Teaching produces as total increase in knowledge since the knowledge spreads from one to two or more persons. The teacher must…

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  • Sorting Hat Ceremony Analysis

    The Sorting Hat Ceremony is the most defining moment of one’s time at Hogwarts. After all, the title of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin comes with much more than a common room or class schedule. Indeed, this simple act of sorting determines who to befriend, and consequently, who to become. However, this system of separating students by virtue is inherently unjustifiable as it attempts to foster only some extreme “virtues” in children which actually become vices, instead of…

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  • Cardinal Virtue In Plato's Republic

    Platos republic is a study in the question; 'What is justice and how is it achieved". Plato recounts a discussion between Socrates and other notable philosophers in which they attempt to answer this question and discover what exactly constitutes justice in an idividual. After the peers of Socrates present many hypotheses - which he finds all to be flawed- he attempts a solution to the question with the following comparison. Justice is achieved in man in the same way it is within the state;…

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  • Prudence Or Cruelty Analysis

    Prudence or Cruelty by Nicholas kristof Kristof wrote this great piece in response to members of congress debating weather to slash the food stamp program. He also explain how it affect household in America especially children. Kristof uses a lot of reliable sources during his essay and also he uses some statistics in his research. Kristof used numbers and percentages to give us an idea of how many people living under the poverty line, children whose suffer from deficiency, the amount of…

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  • Moderation And Prudence In The Odyssey

    Held as high up as justice and mercy, for Cyrus is the virtues of moderation and prudence. Moderation is the ability to control the passions and desires of one; and, prudence is the use of reason to direct and discipline oneself. Moderation and prudence go hand in hand as to be moderate one must have prudence. However, prudence and moderation was something that Cyrus had to learn on his own, learning that the ways of the Persians and the Medes reached each extreme, which he realized neither was…

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